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8 'Sex & The City' Beauty Looks That NEED A Revival In The Reboot

Courtesy of HBO

I don't know many people who moved to New York without first watching Sex and the City, arguably the quintessential big-city TV show. Now, with a reboot of everyone's favorite girl group in the works, sans Kim Cattrall who played Samantha, there are tons of things the show simply has to get right. Out of all the aspects of the show, a return to all the iconic Sex and the City beauty looks is a must for the reboot. Considering the original show was pretty much the place for all the fashion, friendship, romantic, and makeup inspo of the early 2000s, the revival certainly has big shoes to fill.

Sarah Jessica Parker shared the first trailer for the new series, called And Just Like That, on Instagram on Jan. 10. Sadly, it didn't include any snapshots of the characters and what their lives look like. On the other hand, the caption did promise fans will get a look at where each character is now. And I have no doubt the beloved characters will be just as fashionable as they always were, though with a much more modern update.

From Carrie Bradshaw, the writer with the best style to ever grace TV IMO,to the WASP-y and always prim Charlotte to the ambitious lawyer and mother Miranda, there's so much to look forward to, particularly when it comes to the beauty looks each one will have adopted as their own. To the lovely producers of the reboot, if you're reading this, below are all the best beauty looks from Sex and the City the reboot must include. Don't screw this up for us.

Intro Carrie

Courtesy of HBO

I can't start this piece without paying homage to the beauty look that literally started it all: Carrie's look for the intro. Her cheeks are perfectly rosy, and a hint of sparkly eyeshadow is dusted over her lids. To top it all off, she has a bright pink lipstick on. There's no forgetting your roots, and this look perfectly embodies the series: all glam, all the time.

Dominatrix Samantha

Courtesy of HBO

Even if Samantha won't be in the reboot, I hope a new character can capture the indelible confidence she projected through the series. Samantha's dominatrix look from Season 2, feels like the pinnacle of all her self-assurance. While the outfit itself certainly took center stage, you can't ignore the sexy, smokey eye; the deep, red lip; or her signature beauty mark.

Work Glam Charlotte

Courtesy of HBO

Glasses won't stop Charlotte, played by Kristin Davis, from highlighting her eyes. Even for her work makeup, she brings the glamour from her pearls to her neutral eyeshadow to her glossy, rose-taupe lip. Though Charlotte quit her job, her ability to glitz up even more casual looks better make its return.

Breakup Carrie

Courtesy of HBO

I swear, I don't want Big and Carrie to break up, again, but fans of the show know she has her looking-good-is-the-best-revenge fashion down to an enviable science. While at an art exhibit with the new Yankee, Carrie pairs her light blue dress with a peachy pink lipstick and a pastel eyeshadow. It's soft. It's angelic. And it's too good not to repeat.

New Mommy Miranda

Courtesy of HBO

A relaxed breakfast is a must for this friend group, and it's a great excuse to get a little dolled up, as Miranda, played by Cynthia Nixon, demonstrated in Season 5. She fully lined her eyes, went with voluminous lashes, and rocked what looks like a pink eyeshadow for a little daytime smoky eye moment. In classic, sensible Miranda fashion, she paired it all with a reddish-brown lipstick.

Party Charlotte

Courtesy of HBO

There's no doubt there will still be plenty of parties in store for these New York socialites the second time around, and this alone calls for the return of Charlotte's glimmery silver eyeshadow from Season 1. As always, she's got mascara to the max for prime fluttering action, a naturally radiant complexion, and a versatile berry lip that works for day or night. However, I have a feeling this hairdo won't be making a return.

Paris Carrie

Courtesy of HBO

Maybe not all fans will agree with me, but I love it when Carrie goes to Paris. While the city doesn't capture her heart, she does change up her beauty look for it. She keeps her eyes heavily lined, going for a light smoky eye with neutral brown eyeshadow that somewhat leans gold. Though she may want viewers to think it's just the cold weather, I also spotted some egirl blush over Carrie's cheeks and nose throughout her Parisienne stint. Don't leave New York, Carrie, but maybe bring back this look.

Wedding Carrie

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

I hope the reboot offers some need for Carrie to put on a full face of high-glam, because her makeup for her first wedding in the Sex and the City movie was absolute perfection. Her cheeks are lightly contoured to accentuate her cheekbones, while the highlighter brings a radiant shine and the blue-tinted red lip really makes her eyes pop. Please, And Just Like That, include a gala or some excuse for Carrie to do this.