Cheryl and Toni's Halloween costumes on 'Riverdale'

Feast Your Eyes On All The Costumes From 'Riverdale's First Halloween Episode

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Welp, it finally happened. After three seasons of skipping out on Halloween, Riverdale finally got it together and gave fans a spook-tastic episode centered around the holiday. And while the storylines were definitely in line with the scary theme, the Halloween costumes in Riverdale Season 4, Episode 4 were arguably even more on point. Whether you like to go all-out like Archie, or prefer to keep things simple like Betty, or end up skipping out on dressing up entirely due to unforeseen, sinister pranks like Jughead (more on that in a sec), you're bound to find some sort of costume that speaks to your inner, Riverdale-loving soul.

Warning: Spoilers for Season 4, Episode 4 of Riverdale ahead. Riverdale always has a bit of a spooky element to it, but the show really upped the ante for its debut Halloween episode. The Core Four was separated for most of the episode's events, and each character had to deal with their own chilling conflict. There was Archie, whose plot involving fending off armed gang members and saving a kid who got shot was somehow the least scary storyline of them all. Seriously, the rest of the Core Four's issues had fans freaking out: Betty was getting ominous calls from someone (possibly her sister Polly) claiming to be the Black Hood, Veronica was attacked by a serial killer at Pop's, and Jughead spent almost the entire episode trapped in a coffin by his prep school frenemies. And of course, there was Cheryl and Toni, who have been pretty much asking for spooky stuff to happen to them just by being in Thistlehouse.

So yeah, the episode was pretty terrifying. If you spent the episode hiding behind a blanket, or you just want to relive all the glorious #looks, here your roundup of Riverdale's Halloween costumes:

Archie & Munroe

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Of course Archie would dress up like a superhero. Even before this vigilante arc he's getting in Season 4, the guy has been a notorious sucker for doing the right thing. However, his costume holds much more significance than just the main character's do-gooder ways: He was dressed as Pureheart the Powerful, who is Archie's superhero alter-ego in the original comics. Munroe also got the comic-book treatment; he dressed up as The Shield, who has appeared in both the Archieverse and DC Comics.

Bonus, both costumes were made by Veronica's NYC-dwelling pal Katy Keene, who just so happens to be getting a spinoff show in early 2020.

Cheryl & Toni

Meanwhile, Cheryl and Toni also got in on the comic-book fun with their costumes, dressing as Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, respectively. Fans pointed out that their outfits were way too good to have them stay indoors and deal with corpses and potential ghosts all night, but they'll just have to take what they can get with this one.


If you happened to be watching Riverdale on mute for this episode (no judgement), you may have just assumed Betty chose not to dress up at all for Halloween. But while it looked like she was just wearing regular ol' clothes, she was actually referencing a classic horror movie... and it ended up majorly foreshadowing the creepy things that happened to her. Early on in the episode, Betty told Jellybean she was dressed as Laurie Strode, aka the badass character played by Jamie Lee Curtis in the Halloween movie franchise. Not only was it the perfect low-effort costume, but it also set the mood for the haunting phone calls and bumps in the night Betty had to deal with in the episode.


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OK, Veronica was not in costume, but I think fans can all agree that her waitressing uniform is a major vibe. Plus, an elaborate getup would have made her battle against the dude trying to kill her just a tad more difficult.

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