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These Quotes From Trump's State Of The Union Show How It All Went Down


If Donald Trump is known for one thing, it's his infamous quotes. As he prepared for the 2018 State of the Union, the public knew to expect a night of political filled drama. So in order to help us catch up with the current state of our union, these quotes from Trump's State of the Union Address tell it all.

Trump started off the address with unbridled optimism. He said,

He then went on to address the increase of jobs and decrease of unemployment rates among African-Americans. He said,

Trump discussed his intention to introduce more FDA approved prescription drugs, and lowering American prices, saying,

Trump also revealed his plan to decrease gang violence. He said,

And of course, he discussed immigration, saying,

According to a statement from the White House, Trump planned for his State of the Union Address to assure the public that the Trump administration is "building a safe, strong, and proud America." His way of proving that? By claiming his part in the "biggest tax cuts" in U.S history, defeating ISIS, ending an apparent "war on coal," as well as a few other topics.

An excerpt from the statement read,

While his first year in office has been a rocky one, to say the least, from sending out taunting tweets to North Korea's Leader Kim Jong-un to the Pentagon totally shutting down Trump's attempted transgender military ban, Trump is sure to hope for a smoother ride this coming year.

In order to gain some momentum for the speech, the Trump administration pushed his supposed talking points to a variety of news outlets with gusto. According to Politico, Trump planned to abandon his typical abrasive approach in speeches for a more optimistic and positive one. Perhaps this sudden change of heart is to distract us from the constant fear of nuclear war looming over our heads? Unlikely.

As Donald Trump's first State of the Union Address, it should be an exciting time for the first-term president. However, due to a copious amount of controversy and tension surrounding his presidency, a number of politicians have decided to boycott the event. These politicians include Democrats Earl Blumenauer of Oregon, John Lewis of Georgia, (queen) Maxine Waters of California, as well as a few others. These politicians were also no-shows at Trump's inauguration. When MSNBC asked Waters whether she would be attending the State of the Union Address, Waters vehemently denied planning to.

She said,

Despite his low approval among politicians and a majority of the public, teetering on about 40 percent, Trumps' words still have been proven to have an immense effect on spectators. On Jan. 30, Vox reported Trump's influence on Republican party, especially his supporters, based on a variety of Gallup polls. An example includes the increased favorable view of Vladimir Putin among the Republican Party; according to a Gallup poll, only 12 percent of Republicans viewed Putin favorably in 2015, but as of now 32 percent like him. In addition, Republicans' views of free trade, a topic they have typically been in favor off, dropped from 56 percent to 36 percent since Trump took office.

Let's see what President Trump has to say for the remainder of 2018. No matter the topic, it's sure to be cringeworthy.