People Are Showing Off Their "Quarantine Nails" & They'll Give You SO Much Mani Inspo

mikroman6/Moment/Getty Images

With so much time on everyone’s hands during social isolation, some people are getting really creative with how they fill their days. One trend I can get on board with involves people posting their super cute “quarantine nails” on Instagram. Since nail salons are closed, it’s time to give yourself a fresh new manicure, so get your warm towels ready.

Maybe it's just me, but I feel as though everyone is thinking about their hands much more than usual during quarantine. Since you’re constantly looking at them while you wash your hands after most tasks (or thinking about them while trying not to touch your face), at least give your eyes something new to look at. Not to mention, a little pampering is good for the soul. If you’re tired of your current nails, there are so many cute ideas on Instagram. So far, the #quarantinenails tag has over 4,000 images of manis that require varying levels of skill, meaning there's something for everyone.

Because COVID-19 has shut down all nail salons for an indefinite amount of time, you won’t be seeing anyone outside of your house, so you can be as bold as you want without worrying about your nails not matching your outfits. And, unlike with hair, any mistakes you make are easily fixable. If you have a gel manicure, there’s an easy way to take off your polish at home before getting started on your new set. So, go grab a few polish bottles and check out some quarantine nails to add to your to-do list.

Nail Art Idea: Rainbow Nails

A fun way to add a little more color to your life is by painting each nail a different color. It'll take you right back to childhood. Whether you go with muted colors or whatever bottles you find around the house, it’ll definitely give you something fun to look at as you sing “Happy Birthday” twice.

Nail Art Idea: Easter Eggs

This Easter Egg manicure looks complicated but is actually super easy. All you need are some pastel colors and one black polish. Although the Easter Bunny himself might not be visiting too closely (social distancing, and all), you’ll be ready for the holiday anyway with a few swipes. To apply the black dots, I recommend using a toothpick so you can be extra careful and precise with your placement.

Nail Art Idea: Cow Print

You can use any two colors for this manicure, although white and black is the classic, realistic look, obviously. Cow print has been everywhere in fashion since 2019, so why not put it on your nails? Once you apply the base layer color, you just add a few blotches for the spots. A thin brush will help you achieve the cloud-style of a cow’s spots.

Nail Art Idea: Negative Space Nails

A negative space manicure is really simple to imitate and looks very chic. It also gives a part of your nail time to breathe without nail polish. You don’t even need a steady hand to achieve such a sharp line — just use tape.

Nail Art Idea: Glitter Ombré

Glitter ombré is great for filling in an old manicure or just adding some sparkle to your day. Chunky glitter is best for making this look work. It’ll add a pop to any color you set for the base. All you have to do it apply the glitter in thin layers about a third of the way up the nail (from either the top or the bottom) until you get the desired effect.

Nail Art Idea: Polka Dots

Everyone loves polka dots. And you can go as big or small as you want with yours by using a toothpick or the polish brush. You can even get a little creative with it and mix different dot sizes and colors.

Nail Art Idea: Just The (French) Tip

Just painting the tips of your nails is a fun throwback style to try out during your quarantine. Although it’s definitely very susceptible to chipping, you have plenty of time to touch up this look. And, as with the negative space manicure, this style gives most of your nail a chance to breathe a bit. You can do a classic white French tip, or play around with different colors on each finger.

Nail Art Idea: Flowers

If you’re feeling a bit daring, you may want to try your hand at painting a flower (or two or three) on your nails. As you watch all the flowers bloom around your neighborhood, it’ll be nice to carry a little spring with you around the house. Just try to keep your hand as steady as possible.

Nail Art Idea: Checkerboard

If you're up for a challenge, checkerboard nails are a great move. They require patience, a suuuuuper steady hand, and a good eye for even shapes. The easiest way to get checkerboard nails is to apply one of the colors over the entire nail, and then, paint the other color over it. This manicure will definitely impress your family at dinner.