The Pictures Of Puppies In Halloween Costumes Are All You Need This Holiday

Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you're looking for something to make your entire month, look no further – these photos of puppies in Halloween costumes at Blue Heron Farm are the ultimate treat this Halloween season. Blue Heron Farm in Field Store, Texas has been putting together 31 days of puppy Halloween costumes, from tiny mermaid puppies to sleepy sushi pups to little guys in tutus. It's seriously the best thing the internet has given the Twittersphere all October, and with so many pictures to look at it's truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Blue Heron Farm is run by Christian and Lisa Seger in a town about 45 minutes northwest of Houston, per the farm's website. The farm is a small-scale goat dairy farm, and the farmers believe in sustainable agriculture principles, transparency, and treating the land with respect. Their website notes, "We manage our land using sustainable agricultural principles — no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. We use rotational grazing to encourage better fertility, water usage and carbon sequestration as we rehabilitate the 10.5 acres we call ours." The dairy farmed at Blue Heron makes cheese, yogurt, and cajeta, a Mexican goat milk caramel. Sign me up!

The farm also holds periodic tours in the spring and fall, so if you're in the area, $5 will get you 90 minutes to pet, hug, and milk some goats, check out the land, and have a cheese and cracker party.

But now, for the news you've come for. According to a tweet from the farm's account, Blue Heron Farm also fosters puppies for a rescue, hence 31 days of perfect puppies in costume. Though the farm has completed an official calendar they'll sell to help cover foster expenses, they've shared some pictures on their Twitter ahead of the official calendar release. Check them out and prepare to squeal with delight.

Furry friends collide in this Hello Kitty costume.

Who knew a monster, er, Cookie Monster, could be so cute?

This festive pup makes me want the holiday season to arrive, like... right now.

Aww, a Beanie Baby throwback costume is made infinitely better by this real pup.

A candy corn pup this cute and cuddly will definitely make any candy corn critic change their mind.

Passing the salt and pepper has never been this adorable.

I think I'd have to risk this pup's spiky cactus to sneak in a couple of pets.

Vegetables got a definite upgrade with this cuddly doggo.

Breakfast is the most important (and cute AF) meal of the day.

OK, I literally cannot with that yawn "roar." This is peak pup cuteness right here.

Nature pups are cute pups, so this costume is totally a winner.

Whether it's an individual costume or a group costume à la "The Breakfast Club," these puppies are absolutely adorable. Blue Heron Farm notes in a tweet,

We've been working on the puppies' Halloween costumes. Execution has proven vastly more difficult than concept.

As cute as the final product looks, any puppy owner knows that photographing a living being that's only been alive for a handful of weeks is no easy feat, so huge props to the farm for getting the pups to pose in 31 different looks!

Twitter users are absolutely besides themselves over the 31 days of puppy Halloween, with users expressing gratitude to the farm for making them smile. One user humorously notes, "It'll be great when their eyes finally open and they can see all these pictures of themselves."

Cute puppies in costume aren't all you'll get from the Blue Heron Farm's Twitter feed. There are plenty of cute puppy videos, pictures of overwhelmingly adorable goats, pictures of overwhelmingly adorable goats in costume, and political commentary (because cute goats and puppies exist within the political climate of their humans, too). Sustainable agriculture, adorable puppies, and political activism — what's not to love?