These Photos Of Dogs Wearing Goggles Feature The Cutest "Doggle" Poses Ever

by Daffany Chan
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

One of my favorite ways of de-stressing during a hectic week is to peruse the internet for memes and funny reactions. The viral content that always leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy inside? Cute animal photos. Whether it's cat videos on Youtube or dog-owner lookalike photos on Instagram, I swear, the internet's photo and video collection of furry friends is the best way to get a mid-week laugh. These photos of dogs wearing googles feature the cutest "Doggle" poses ever.

Twitter is blowing up with owners sharing intimate shots of their pups wearing Doggles in a thread on animals. Doggles, which is short for dog goggles, have become a recent hit for pet owners wanting their furry best friends to protect their eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. Dogs living in areas with high UV indexes or high altitudes are at higher risk for developing eye damage, so the sunglasses can be lifesaving. Besides practicality, Doggle are a huge fashion statement, and four-legged friends are totally working the bold accessories.

The special eye protectors are customized to fit the needs of dogs. "The Doggles shouldn’t cause discomfort; there are many different sizes to fit all breeds of dogs," Dr. Erin Scott, assistant professor in ophthalmology, told Texas A&M Today. But Scott does acknowledge that each dog is different, so it's important to take into account your dog's personality and tolerance to doggy accessories before you make the investment: "Not all dogs tolerate wearing them and not all owners are interested in getting Doggles for their dogs, so it is not required, just recommended."

Whether or not you're in the market for Doggles or just admiring the wacky new product, check out these photos of adorable pooches sporting their sunglasses.

On Sept. 16, Twitter user @BlairBraverman shared a photo of a pooch with bright red Doggles, captioned: "Flame got sunglasses." The dog looks happy as a clam with a tongue sticking out.

Owner @CarolKramerMK showed off how the UV protectors can save lives with a photo of a dog wearing Doggles for laser light treatments: "My guy got laser light treatments recovering from a spinal cord injury and he got to wear DOGGLES during his treatments!"

Aww, this little pooch is so small that the pretty pink Doggles take up almost half its face!

User @Hope4tiger's dog looks like it's staying strong and calm despite an eye condition, all thanks to the eye protectors: "Marley has eye condition from his German Shepherd side & Dr. says he needs Doggles."

This dog is rockin' it with two awesome accessories, both the Doggles and the adorable strolling chair. It's fashion meets comfort, duh.

This pup is taking it to the next level in an action shot leaning out the car window — good thing the owner's got a handle on it. User @so_irreverent wrote: "Blurry cuz it's an action photo."

Twitter user @UnfetteredMuse shared a perfectly Doggle-d pic of her pupper wearing a sleek white pair.

Doggles at the beach? Yes, please. just look at @iheartdogsNYC's photos of her "baby Emily" looking as cool as can be.

Judging from the amount of attention Doggles are getting on the internet, there's no doubt about it — these eye protectors are definitely the biggest fashion trend of the year for pooches. And if that means more pics of doggos wearing them winding up on Twitter, then I am so here for it.