A Huge, Venomous Snake Tried Getting Into A Moving Car & The Pics Will Make You Cry

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Being trapped in an enclosed space with snakes is a relatively common and rational fear. Even if snakes aren't your biggest phobia, you might remember the 2006 classic, Snakes on a Plane. And, let's face it: Even the bravest of the brave aboard that fateful flight had a rather unpleasant travel experience that day. Now imagine a sequel to the flick, titled Snakes on a Car, but envision it as a real life experience. In Australia (unsurprisingly), a guy actually had this happen to him, and these photos of a huge snake in his car window might temporarily scare you away from ever venturing to the super mysterious "Land Down Under."

On Jan. 9, Ted Oglier was sent out from work to deliver something when he unexpectedly received an extremely unwanted surprise, ABC reports. Oglier was driving down the highway just outside Eden, probably relaxing with some sweet Australian tunes, when he gazed out his passenger window and noticed a super poisonous (and hella vicious) passenger: a red-bellied black snake. It was tapping, creeping, and slithering right outside his window. And it was attached to the outside of his car, completely wrapped around Oglier's driver's side mirror. EEK, no thanks, I'm all good.

Oglier gave ABC News the dirty details of his unpleasant journey, alongside the slithery serpent. He said,

It'd come out from under the engine bay under the bonnet, it was probably a bit warm there. It was sort of tapping on the window a couple of times, because it obviously wanted to get in.

With the snake demanding its way into the vehicle, Oglier had no idea what to do. So naturally, he pulled over and called his colleague, Kai Pearse. As an undeniably good coworker, Pearse came with a broom and some serious guts. Pearse told ABC,

I just had a broom in the back of the ute and … basically just got him off the car nice and safely, and just ushered him into the bushland off on the side of the road. Last night it got a bit cold down here on the South Coast, so I think he's got up into the engine bay of the vehicle, and he sat up on the engine to keep himself warm. Then this morning Ted's taken that vehicle down to Eden and it might've got a bit too hot in there, so he wanted out."

After detangling the reptile from Oglier's mirror, the two guessed that the snake was a little over 8 feet long. With Australia's plethora of crazy wildlife, however, Ogier told ABC it could have been worse. He said in an interview with ABC,

Not as frightening as getting a spider on the inside — spiders are one thing I don't like, but I don't like snakes either.
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So in case you were wondering, I probably won't be driving through Australia anytime soon. But in Bangkok, on a much, much worse note, eight-foot-long pythons are hiding in people's toilets. So, literally, pick your poison. Both slimy situations sound beyond terrible, and there's no doubt in my mind that I never want to get even remotely close to any of these poisonous creatures.

If you thought you weren't a major fan of creepy crawlies, imagine how Oglier felt when he found an extremely venomous snake knocking on his window. As bad as it was, though, it won't equate to having a python hiding in the loo. But seeing as I try my very best to avoid the reptile house at the zoo, there's no chance I'd survive either situations... so, yikes.

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