Oreo's New Fudge Covered Cookies Have All The Chocolate Flavor You Could Ever Want

Courtesy Of Nabisco

I'm really not trying to complain over here, but this month has been unforgivingly frigid... and honestly, the only way to escape from it all has been with copious amounts of Netflix, warm blankets — and most importantly — chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. And if you're looking to warm up your soul with endless amounts of fudge right now, Oreo just released a seriously decadent dessert that's guaranteed to save you from this undeniably abominable January weather. If you haven't already tried these new Oreo Fudge Covered Cookies, they're straight-up amazing. Between you and me, I'm already obsessed, and I haven't even tried them out yet.

Well everybody, it looks like this winter is about to get roasty toasty... despite the below-freezing weather. Nabisco just released a super rich chocolatey creation called Fudge Covered Oreo cookies, and to be completely honest, they look like everything I could ever want. Based on the box from Target's website, they kind of look like your classic chocolate Oreo cookie with a thin layer of vanilla cream, that have quite literally been dipped in copious amounts of fudge. They would most likely taste great with a warm mug of hot chocolate, or simply on their own. Either way, the combination of ooey gooey fudge and crunchy Oreo cookies sounds absolutely heavenly. My body is oh-so-ready.

Courtesy Of Nabisco

Luckily, though, these Fudge Covered Oreos will remain on shelves long after winter passes. In fact, they're permanent additions to the Oreo lineup, according to Nabisco, unlike their limited-edition White Fudge Covered Oreo cookies or any of their temporary holiday flavors. They will be hitting shelves this month, and you'll be able to find them at most locations where Oreos are usually sold. That's right — you'll be able to find them at stores like Target, Kroger, Walmart, and even Sam's Club. So thank the freakin' chocolate lords, because I'm about to eat my weight in Oreos. Get them while you can, though, because I'll probably end up clearing the grocery store shelves before you can utter the words "food coma."

If a peanut butter and chocolate combination is more along the lines of what you look for in a cookie, though, Nabisco also just released Nutter Butter Fudge Dipped Peanut Butter Cookies as a permanent addition to their lineup. According to Nabisco, they are kind of a similar concept to the Fudge Covered Oreos, but instead of having an Oreo as the base cookie, it's a Nutter Butter that's smothered in fudge. It sounds kind of unreal, if you ask me.

Courtesy Of Nabisco

At this point, Nabisco already has big plans for spring. They're going to release purple-filled Oreo cookies for Easter, and I, personally, am so stoked. Since they're special for the holiday, however, they will only be available for a limited time, so you'll want to get your hands on them as soon as you can.

Nabisco clearly has a lot going on right now, and thankfully, it's distracting me from this horrendously cold weather. If you're an icicle right now, I highly recommend warming up your heart and soul with a box of rich AF Fudge Covered Oreos, as well as some Fudge Covered Nutter Butters — you definitely won't regret it.