The new Onda sparkling tequila cans come in grapefruit and lime flavors.

These New Canned Cocktails Are Basically Hard Seltzers Made With Tequila

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Courtesy of Onda
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Now that patio season is officially in session, a new sparkling tequila company from co-founder and Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell is launching a light and refreshing tequila-based drink you can enjoy all summer long. These new Onda sparkling tequila cans are the agave-infused alternative to your hard seltzer happy hours — and they come in two ready-to-drink flavors. Here's what to know about the new offerings, which will give you a taste of summer wherever you are — yes, even in your own backyard.

As of July 1, tequila lovers can keep the fun going for longer with two low-alcohol sparkling Grapefruit and Lime Onda beverages, which are both crafted with blanco tequila sourced from a woman-owned distillery in Jalisco, Mexico. With the addition of sparkling water and fruit flavors, the drinks mimic two classic tequila-based sips: a tart and tangy Paloma cocktail and a zesty tequila soda with just a fraction of the booze, ensuing that they're the perfect libation for sipping on all day long.

Both the Grapefruit and Lime offerings come in ready-to-drink 12-ounce slim cans that are 100 calories each, with a 5% ABV, as well as zero sugars and carbs, making them a tasty alternative to any hard seltzer or spiked malt-based options currently on the market.

In addition to a high-quality tequila base (the company says its tequila distillery is one of the most acclaimed in the country), drinkers can also rest easy knowing that the sparkling Grapefruit and Lime flavors only contain 100% real fruit juice and the beverage is made using all natural ingredients.

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Customers who are 21 years and older can pick up an 8-pack of one flavor or a combination of both at for $39, a 16-pack for $69, or a 24-pack for $99, and get the refreshing sips shipped straight to their front door. It's also available at select retail locations in New York City, so Big Apple residents should keep an eye out for the company's brightly-colored cans on their next groceries run.

Courtesy of Onda

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