You Could Win Free Guac For A Year With These National Guacamole Day Deals

Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you're suffering from a case of the Monday scaries, the latest unofficial food holiday is here to turn things around for the better. Sept. 16 is all about celebrating your love of guac, and these National Guacamole Day 2019 deals on Sept. 16 include some pretty solid freebies and even a chance to win 365 days of the green stuff. You know, because there's no such thing as too much avo in your life.

As someone who's regularly tuning in to the rotation of unofficial food celebrations, I'll admit I was counting down to Sept. 16's guac-tastic festivities. Considering that the avocado-based dip is almost always extra and I probably spend way too much on orders of guac and chips every year, I was pretty pumped that not only could I score some orders of the good stuff on the house, but I could potentially keep the free guac coming for 365 days with a limited-time giveaway. The only thing better than guacamole is free guacamole, so keep scrolling to see some of the most mouthwatering deals that you can get in on this year.


While the fast-casual chain isn't technically offering free orders of its cult-favorite hand-mashed guac on Monday, Sept. 16, you can score some guacamole and chips completely gratis and receive double points if you're a rewards member. If you're not currently a Chipotle Rewards member, I'd recommend signing up either on the Chipotle app or at to start earning points to the 1,250 points that'll get you a free entree. While it might take a while to get there (you normally earn 10 points for every $1 you spend), you'll be able to walk away with a free order of chips and guac after your first purchase as a member. The extra points are just the icing on the cake, or, rather, the guac on the burrito bowl.


Dos Toros

If you're planning on heading to Dos Toros for lunch or dinner, you'll want to get on the New York-based retailer's National GuacamolE-mail Day celebrations. To score a free side of guac, you'll need to sign up to be on Dos Toros' mailing list at⁠ and voila, you'll get a code for complimentary guacamole in your inbox, according to an Instagram post.

Uncle Julio's

If you're looking for more of a sit-down experience with your freebie, you'll want to head to Uncle Julio's on Sept. 16. While the deal isn't specific to National Guacamole Day, you can get a free tableside guacamole simply by signing up for the restaurant's Amigo Especial Loyalty program.

Wholly Guacamole

Unfortunately, National Guacamole Day only comes around once a year, but what if I told you that five lucky individuals will be able eat like it's the holiday for the next 365 days? On Sept. 16, you can enter to win a year's supply of guacamole simply by going to @andi_dorfman, @Costco_DoesItAgain, @TargetDoesItAgain, and @walmartfinds on Instagram and following the directions to enter, according to a press release. While none of the accounts had shared any details at the time of publication, I'd keep an eye out during the day and make sure to pounce when you see them post about the guac-ing awesome giveaway.

Unless you happen to win the Wholly Guacamole sweepstakes, your chance to score the green stuff without paying extra will be gone tomorrow, so I'd take full advantage of the Sept. 16 holiday by planning out your Monday around all the guacamole spots you're hoping to hit before it's over. Happy guac-ing!