These Mini Champagne Bottles Are Perfect For Toasting To All The Holiday Fun

From a very young age, I've always been one of the top five shortest gals in my classes, on most sport teams, and in my offices, so maybe I'm biased... but IMO, everything "mini" is better. Mini bottles of hot sauce are incredible; I absolutely love tiny plants; and don't even get me started on those super small bottles of tequila that you can buy for under a fiver. Ugh, I love it all. And based on my appreciation for all things small, you'd probably imagine these Moët Mini Champagne bottles are everything I want this holiday season. They're honestly too cute for words.

If you've never tried Moët Classic Imperial Brut, you're definitely missing out amidst every celebration, graduation, and holiday party. According to Clos19, the bright and fruity champagne maintains a delightful flowery fragrance, and its elegance will definitely make you feel like royalty. The best part, however, is that now they come in "personal" 187 milliliter bottles (although anything can be "personal-sized" if you believe). Anyway, according to Moët & Chandon, these teeny tiny bottles are currently available online nationwide, and they're going for a suggested retail price of $15.99, which is honestly a major steal, if you know anything about champagne. IDK about you, but I know these will be the shining (and hella tiny) stars of all my holiday parties this December.

These mini champagne bottles actually happen to have quite an interesting and extensive history. According to Moët & Chandon, they were first introduced back in 1893 as “quarter bottles." Then, in the '30s, as more people began traveling by plane, they gained immense popularity among major airlines. In the last 20 years, however, they've become largely associated with major red carpet events, like the Golden Globes. So whether you're entertaining this holiday season, or if you need some sort of place setting gift, photo accessory, or party favor, Moët Minis will definitely do the trick. I mean, how can you resist? They're so adorable.


If you're thinking about snagging a few of these for your each and every one of your friends this holiday season, make sure to also throw in one of Nutella's mini Christmas jars. On Target's website they're known as "Nutellino Christmas Spreads" and they come with either red or green caps, depending on your preference. TBH, they're so freakin' cute, and what's better than giving the gift of bubbly and chocolate-hazelnut spread? The answer, my dear friends, is absolutely nothing. It's the most luxurious gift of all.

OK, as a diehard fan of all things "tiny," these Moët Mini Champagne bottles are obviously right up my alley. Aside from the fact that they're the perfect stocking stuffer and grab bag prize, they're also filled with some of the most delicious and high quality champagne, which is pretty much guaranteed to get any party started (as long as you're 21 years and older). Honestly, if any of you are thinking about buying a few, definitely make sure to save me one. I could 100 percent see myself starting off my weekend right with one of these bad boys.