Chris Harrison Was All Of Us During "Women Tell All" & These Memes Prove It

Kelsey McNeal/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

From the moment The Bachelor "Women Tell All" started, it was the definition of drama. From Victoria Fuller getting eliminated to Kelsey Weier crying in The Hot Seat (plus getting the biggest bottle of Champagne known to woman), there was not a second's calm during the emotional special. But between the tears and the fights, Twitter picked up on one very important moment, and that was host Chris Harrison looking directly at the camera in the most relatable part of the entire show, possibly ever. However you feel about this season or its outcome, these memes of Chris Harrison during "Women Tell All" are low-key giving fans life.

"Women Tell All" is always an explosive episode. Without fail, Bachelor reunion shows just bring out the feistiness in everyone, and with all the in-fighting among the contestants during Peter's season, it's no surprise things with this cast got fierce, fast. During multiple points in the episode, it was tough to even understand who was saying what, because they were all talking over one another.

I mean, they certainly had a lot to argue about: From the Alayah-Sydney-Victoria P. drama (which never really got solved, BTW) to Tammy and Mykenna's ongoing feud, there were tons of issues from the season that got rehashed during the reunion. And while it was all pretty interested to hear everyone's hot takes, it was Chris Harrison's response that stole the show — and he didn't even have to say a word.

As the former contestants hurled accusations and inspirational quotes (couch, Mykenna), Chris took a quick moment to let his guard down and — intentionally or not — gave the camera a *look* that's sure to launch a thousand memes.

Here are some of the best ones:

Host, producers, viral internet star — Chris Harrison really does do it all for Bachelor Nation. Here's to hoping he can provide even more meme-worthy moments in The Bachelor's two-part finale on Monday, March 2, and Tuesday, March 3.