Memes about waiting for your stimulus check are taking over Twitter.

These Memes About Waiting For Your Stimmy To Hit Are A Rollercoaster Of Emotions

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A week after President Biden authorized a third round of direct payments to the majority of American households through the American Rescue Plan, some people are still oh-so-patiently waiting for the $1,400 checks to hit their bank accounts — and making relatable AF memes while they stand by. While the IRS reported quite a few eligible individuals would get relief on the official payment date of March 17, some people were left disappointed when their "stimmys" didn't make an appearance on St. Patrick's Day. Unsurprisingly, people are so getting impatient, and these memes about waiting for your stimulus check are a whole mood.

Although the IRS officially began rolling out its first wave of payments during the weekend of Friday, March 12, many people reported that the $1,400 didn't hit their bank accounts until Wednesday, March 17 due to certain bank policies. While many eligible individuals have now received their share of the $442 billion in funds, IRS and Treasury officials said on March 15 that approximately 100 million checks will be sent out within the next 10 days, according to CBS, meaning there are plenty more still to come.

One potential delay to keep in mind is that if you didn't file your 2019 or 2020 return or you didn't choose direct deposit when doing your taxes, the IRS will most likely send you a debit card or check in the mail. To see where your money is, you can look up the status of your check by going to the "Get My Payment" tool on Once you enter all necessary information in the "Get My Payment" portal, you'll see either an option for "Payment Status," "Need More Information," or "Payment Status Not Available." Click on "Payment Status" to see the exact date when you'll get your money and if it'll be a direct deposit or sent by mail.

It's a waiting game with a lot of refreshing and checking your bank account — and unsurprisingly, the Twitterverse is riding an emotional rollercoaster as they wait for the stimmy funds to roll in. In addition to sharing hilarious memes of them hitting that "refresh" button, others made light of how patient they've been when seeing others around them receiving the $1,400 payments.

Hilarious memes aside, you can save yourself the multiple refreshes by checking the IRS' payment portal and setting a reminder for the day you can expect your stimmy to hit. In the meantime, you can figure out what you're going to spend your stimulus money on and get in on these memes.

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