Twitter Can't Handle Trump's Weird "Mike Pounce" Flub About His Own VP

Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

President Donald Trump has a tendency to misspeak and then pretend it never happened. From calling Apple CEO Tim Cook "Tim Apple" to misidentifying his own staffers, Trump has become known for his gaffes — and this week was no different. While delivering a speech in Baltimore on Sept. 12, he mispronounced his own vice president's name, and these memes about Trump's "Mike Pounce" flub are clearly not letting it go.

During his Thursday night speech, Trump was listing the prominent Republican figures that had attended a recent event. It was going fine until he got to Vice President Mike Pence — but that's not what he called him. "Chuck Grassley was there, and Joni Ernst, and John Thune, and Mike Pounce — just a whole group of great people," Trump said. Elite Daily reached out to the White House for any comment, but did not immediately hear back.

Trump's misstep over Pence's name prompted a series of hilarious memes and tweets about the vice president. Some people suggested that "Mike Pounce" could not compare to the character Ser Pounce (a cat) from Game of Thrones, while others joked that Pence would soon reveal that "Pounce" was actually the correct pronunciation. In the past, Trump has said things incorrectly and later argued that he meant to say them, per Fast Company, causing still other Twitter users to wonder if the president would do the same thing in the case of "Mike Pounce."

Here is the video of Trump listing "Mike Pounce" as one of the GOP luminaries in attendance at an event:

And here's what Twitter users had to say about it:

Several Twitter users are also waiting for Pence to announce that he has changed his name to "Pounce":

After all, they pointed out, it wouldn't be the first time that Trump either denied misspeaking or defended his missteps as accurate:

Elite Daily has reached out to the White House for comment on Trump's "Mike Pounce" gaffe and the subsequent comparisons that Twitter users made to past errors, but did not hear back.

Although Trump's mispronunciation of Pence's name got a lot of attention on Twitter, it certainly wasn't his first blunder when trying to name someone. Back in January, California Rep. Kevin McCarthy appeared alongside Trump to defend the president's proposed border wall. After McCarthy finished speaking, Trump addressed him as "Steve," having apparently confused him with a different Republican white man — Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise. Immediately afterward, Trump addressed the real Steve Scalise. And back in 2017, shortly after Trump assumed the presidency, he appeared to mix up his verb tenses and inadvertently implied that the famous abolitionist Frederick Douglass was still alive. (Douglass died in 1895, so it's been awhile.)

Then there are Trump's Twitter gaffes, of which there have been many. In May 2017, Trump tweeted out a non-sentence that included the word "covfefe," and though he deleted the tweet, he nonetheless asked Twitter users to figure out what "covfefe" meant. Shortly thereafter, then-Press Secretary Sean Spicer insisted that "the president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant" by the word "covfefe." At least someone does.

Now all that remains to be seen is whether or not Pence will be changing his name in the coming days. As some Twitter users suggested, perhaps Trump didn't misspeak after all.