These Memes Trolling Justin Bieber's Old Mansion Will Crack You Up

John Atashian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Justin Bieber lives a ridiculously lavish lifestyle, and, like many stars, he owns more houses than one. But there's one particular property the Biebs previously lived in that has been a hot topic on Twitter lately. You see, after an old photo of Bieber's former residence started circulating online, fans couldn't get over the ~unique~ architecture of the home. Even though he doesn't even live there anymore, memes about Justin Bieber's old house have taken over Twitter, and they're absolutely hilarious.

Fans have some strong opinions on what Bieber's old house looks like. The Beverly Hills abode has fans comparing it to a wide array of household items, including a blender, CD player, a humidifier, and more.

JB only lived there for a short time, so he wasn't exactly head-over-heels in love with the house either. Bieber rented the property, dubbed the "salad spinner," back in 2015. The house was designed by architect Ed Niles, and its sleek, steel structure resembles a wide array of kitchen appliances, according to fans. That being said, the salad spinner didn't come at a cheap price tag. The 6,500 square-foot property reportedly cost JB a cool $59,000 a month to rent... NBD.

Now, seemingly out of the blue, JB's old home is having a major social media moment. One fan wrote his house "looks like a funky CD storage unit which everyone would spend £250 on at Argos in about 1997 but would turn out to scratch all your discs."

But the hilarious comparisons didn't stop there. There's been dozens of tweets about Bieber's "salad spinner" house, each funnier than the last.

Bieber has since bought other mansions that are far less futuristic and meme-able, but seem to keep him and Hailey Baldwin pretty darn happy. The couple is currently quarantined in their 9,000-square-foot estate in Canada. While it's no salad spinner, the property is still really something else.