Drake Got Caught Pouring Perrier At A Basketball Game & It's Our New Favorite Meme

If you're a Drake fan, then you know that the Toronto native is a fan of his hometown basketball team. Recently, the singer made his way to a Toronto Raptors game and found himself on the jumbotron. You'll be glad to know that the camera caught him mid-pour while making a courtside beverage, and now you have these memes about Drake pouring a drink at the Raptors game to provide a good chuckle.

The video was posted to the Toronto Raptors Instagram account on Wednesday night, Nov. 29. In the clip, you can see that Drake is watching the Raptors play from his courtside seat and pouring what looks to be a can of Grapefruit Perrier into a stadium cup (the contents of which are unknown), and then he realizes that he is on the jumbotron. OK, before I go any further, I must say that the basic in me is loving that Drake gets down with some Grapefruit Perrier. Moving on.

There's really nothing too nefarious going on here. I mean, he could be saving a buck on mixed drinks by DIY-ing the whole thing (Who hasn't been there?), or maybe he's just filling the really big cup with many tiny cans of Grapefruit Perrier? Either way, the expressions on Drake's face as the video plays out are priceless. I've watched the video about 5 times now and have laughed every single time.

For more laughs, the internet has taken to creating memes from the video and checking them out is definitely worth your time. The Raptors' Instagram got the ball rolling with a meme of their own.

"When you get called to the principal's office..."

Twitter took the baton from there and began creating some of the best Drake meme's I've seen in awhile.

Teacher: "Pull out ya hw from last night."

Yep, the Drake reaction is very fitting for this one.

"When someone gives you a Christmas gift and you didn't get them anything."

Ah, I can feel the panic sweats already.

"When you make awkward eye contact with someone and panic."

Awkward is almost the only way to do eye contact.

"When the waiter comes to ur table after 20 minutes and asks if ur ready to order and u haven’t even looked at the menu."

That's how you wind up panic-ordering three sides instead of an actual meal.

"When drinks are so overpriced at stadiums that even rich people don't wanna pay for it."

If even Drake is saying "hell nawh" to an $18 vodka soda, then you know it's too much.

"When a chipotle employee catches me putting sprite in my water cup."

Oh, the water cup switch-a-roo is risky business.

"Friend invites you to a party, you start pouring a drink, and the host comes up and goes 'who are you!?'"

Pouring a drink pre-introduction is a bold move.

Now, once again, I don't know what else is in the cup he's pouring the Perrier into, but whatever it is gave us his hilarious reactions. In the end, it's all in good fun, and people were definitely relating to his deer-in-the-headlights reaction.

Another video of Drake has also been making its way around the internet recently, but the singer has a much more serious demeanor in it. At a recent Drake concert, the singer noticed that a man in the audience kept grabbing at women, and he called him out from the stage. Drake straight up stopped his concert and basically told the guy that he would mess him up if he didn't quit. I'm sure all Drake fans (especially women) were thrilled to see the singer take such a stand.

Whether he's defending his female fans or (adorably) getting caught not-so-inconspicuously mixing up a courtside beverage, Drake sure knows how to make his fans smile. I'll cheers to that.

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