These Memes About Disappointing Your Therapist Will Make You Say "LOLSOB"

Shutterstock // Twitter @peeb_z

If you regularly see a therapist, you probably know how special the therapist/client relationship can be. As the client, you can be totally open and vulnerable with your therapist, share your deepest fears and darkest secrets, and expect some constructive conversation along the way that helps you deal grapple with some tough life scenarios. But every now and then, it can feel like you've said something your therapist didn't fully get, which is why these memes about disappointing your therapist are way too relatable.

A recent meme format has popped up on Twitter that's all about people — ironically — disappointing their therapists. The first quote in the format will be from the supposed therapist, who says something like, "and what do we say when we feel like this?" or "and what do we say when we feel this way?" The next part of the meme is where the joke usually comes in, like in @artifexartem's tweet where the therapist asks, "Now, what do we say during times like this?" and the client responds, "It really do be like that sometimes." The last part of the tweet is usually the therapist saying "no" to whatever slightly ridiculous thing the client just said. I'm going to go out on a limb and say these are probably not real conversations with therapists — but if they are, at least everyone's having fun in their sessions?

Here are more examples of tweets about people disappointing their therapist that range from clients talking about coping mechanisms using popular memes, to clients ignoring the check-in question entirely, to totally silly statements like "less depressy, more progressy."

Some people tweaked the format slightly by making the therapist a little less disappointed in the client and a little more on board with the response. Others tweaked it to make the therapist say things that are pretty unlikely in terms of what you might hear in a therapy session. Listen, whatever gets your mental health in a good place is a positive, I don't judge.

While this is one of my favorite meme formats to come out of 2019, it's not the only one taking over the Twitterverse in recent days. Another super prevalent meme right now is the Area 51 meme, which is inspired by a (joke) Facebook event called "Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us" slated to take place on September 20. Area 51 memes imagine a world where people actually storm Area 51, a U.S. Air Force base that has been linked to conspiracy theories involving extraterrestrial life, in order to find out what possible secrets are being housed there. Many memes go as far as to imagine what the supposed aliens at Area 51 look like, what they'd want, and how we'd interact with them.

Honestly, I love the Area 51 memes almost as much as I love the memes about disappointing your therapist. Maybe — and I'm just spitballing — the internet can blent the two types of memes together to create a meme that marries the worlds of aliens, therapy, and ridiculous Facebook events. Do your thing, Twitter. Until then, I'll just patiently wait and see what kind of hilarious and relatable stuff people on social media continue to come up with.