Offset Featured Kulture Front & Center On 'Father Of 4' & His Lyrics About Her Show Why

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Anyone who’s a fan of Offset probably has little doubt that the 27-year-old rapper is proud to have Cardi B on his arm and baby Kulture as part of his family. And so, it should come as no surprise that some lyrics on his new album are all about his love for them, especially his new daughter Kulture. So, I’ve compiled a bunch of lyrics about Kulture on Offset’s Father of 4 that show just how deep his love goes.

Before I do a deep dive into the lyrics, though, I should talk about how Offset announced this new album to the world in the first place. On Feb. 10, Offset and his team released what is essentially a teaser trailer for the album and an accompanying documentary. In the trailer, you can see Offset standing watch as Cardi B gives birth to their daughter, Kulture. The video got a lot of people talking and social media was abuzz with memes and various takes on it. What possibly got lost in all that, though, is that the video seemed to be saying that the new album would be kind of a love letter to Cardi and Kulture. And so many of the lyrics show just that.

In any case, it’s obvious that Offset is dedicated to immortalizing his love for Cardi and Kulture (and his three other children, for that matter) in his music. That's why he featured them all on his album cover (check out Kulture looking so dang cute):

And he seems especially dedicated to doing that now that he and Cardi have patched things up after their brief break. So, with all that said, here’s a look at some of the Kulture-centric lyrics on Father of 4.

"Father of 4"

The opening track on Offset's debut solo album is the title track and it actually has lyrics dedicated to all his individual children. In the first verse, Offset expresses his desire to be an unselfish father and to continuously grind to love and support his children:

I'ma keep grindin' for my kids, never gon' let up / I'ma put the money up for y'all, I can't be selfish / Had a baby as a kid, mama kicked me out / Had to go and hit a lick, tryna put food in your mouth

At one point, he raps about treating all his children to expensive gifts now that he has the means to do so after years of struggling.

I'm a father of four, gotta get that cash, gold / Keep my past closed, 'member I ain't had no dough / Spend a big bag on clothes, Gucci from the head to toes / Not two, not three, all four, that's all they know

The verse about Kulture dives into his relationship with his youngest daughter, revealing that she reminds him of his grandma because he feels so close to her and wants to protect her from the world.

Kulture, remind me of my grandma, feel like she is closer / Gotta thank your mama, she hold me like holsters / Gotta protect her from the world, I can't even post her / Ups and downs in this fame, roller coaster / If I don't ball, then everything 'round me fall / I'm prayin' to God to watch my kids, that's my all

"North Star"

In "North Star," Offset expresses a desire to spend time with his kids, including Kulture.

I got four kids, know we need to spend some time, oh

"Don't Lose Me"

This track is all about Offset's rapper wife, Cardi B, so it stands to reason their daughter together, Kulture, made an appearance in the song's chorus, Offset raps about how beautiful Kulture is and how looking at her reminds him of his relationship with Cardi.

KK, all beauty (KK) / When I'm lookin' down at her, it's you and me


Offset makes it clear that his children are always top of mind throughout his entire album (which tracks, considering the title), and raps the following lyrics about taking care of them in "Underrated"'s chorus:

I got 4 kids and they mouths gotta feast (Feast)


On his collab with wife Cardi B, Offset raps that his wealth is not just for himself, but for his wife and children.

If I go broke she gone leave, escape (She gone) / I put 2 mill in the safe just in case, don't go my way (no cap) / My kids gotta have money not just me (Facts) / Thats selfish (It's selfish)

As you can see, Offset’s music totally aligns with his love and appreciation for Kulture and his other three children, Jordan, Kody, and Kale — not to mention his love for Cardi, which is evident throughout the album as well.

Even Cardi is completely impressed by Offset’s latest musical effort. In a Feb. 14 Instagram post, Cardi complimented Offset’s song “Red Room” and told fans that she couldn’t wait until they heard the album.

“RED ROOM OUT NOW! Love the video and the creativity @offsetyrn .I cant wait till the album out is such a beautiful piece and I’m soo proud of you ! I always told you your life is such a wild story,” Cardi wrote.

So, even Cardi is excited for Offset’s new album, which just goes to show how wildly in love those two are with each other — even with all the romantic hiccups they’ve experienced in the last few months. And I have to say that Offset definitely delivered, especially with his nods to his relationship and the fact that he loves being a dad to Kulture!

You can stream the entire album below.