These Lazy Halloween Decorations Are Great For People Who Just Don't Feel Like It

Some people love to go all out for Halloween. I'm talking fake blood, hand-painted gravestones, eccentric cobwebs, and more. The concept of intricate decorations sounds fun and everything, but it also sounds like a lot of work. I'm sure some people would rather watch a scary movie marathon than stay up late making spooky decor. Thankfully, there are a ton of lazy Halloween decorations that those people can utilize in October. The decorations don't require any paint or sticky spider webs; only a quick trip to the dollar store (and maybe some tape).

Heck, if you use Amazon to order your Halloween decorations, you won't even have to leave your couch. That sounds like a great idea to me, because searching through a party store weeks before Oct. 31 is a truly scary experience (hello, crowds). Thankfully, there are tons of Halloween decorations online that you won't need to paint or piece together. They'll come straight to your doorstep, and you can place them wherever you'd like. Whether you want to put a cute lil' plastic pumpkin on your patio or draw a spooky face on an orange balloon, you're basically covered. Who said decorating for Halloween had to be hard, anyway?

Turn Balloons Into Pumpkins
Katarina Radovic

If you don't feel like buying fake pumpkins or carving real ones, you can always use a black marker to draw a spooky face on an orange balloon.

In order to pull this off, you can buy 100 orange balloons on Amazon for $13.50. If you're feeling energetic, you can also buy a 24-pack of black permanent markers from Amazon for just under $7.

Buy A Few Fake Jack-O-Lanterns

Let's be real: Carving pumpkins is a lot of work, so why not just buy fake jack-o-lanterns? By doing so, you'll be able to place them all over your house without going through the hassle of carving. Easy peasy.

You can buy these lil' guys on Amazon for $15.

Hang A Pre-Made Spider Web In Your Yard

To be completely honest, putting up stretchy spider webs throughout your front yard is kind of annoying. (It also gets absolutely everywhere, ugh.) Instead of getting messy, just buy a pre-made spider web and hang it up somewhere. Bonus points if you put a spider on it.

You can buy this spider web for $9.99 on Amazon. If you want to add a spider or two, you can buy a 72-pack of 'em for $5.99 on Amazon as well. Plus, you can just sprinkle whatever spiders you don't use on your web around the house. Boom. Terrifying.

Get A Spooky Pillow And Throw It On Your Couch

Nothing says "lazy, but festive" like a holiday pillow. Go ahead and treat yourself to a comfy (but totally spooky) Halloween pillowcase. You can use it for your costume party and then put it back in your linen closet until next October comes around.

You can purchase this Halloween Skull and Pumpkin Throw Pillowcase on Amazon for less than $10.

Add A Spooky Blanket To Your Decor

You can make your living room *extra* scary by throwing this Halloween blanket onto your couch. Between this blanket and the scary pillowcase, your guests are sure to be spooked.

Thankfully, you can purchase this blanket on Amazon for $39.99 — so order up and get cozy.

Place A Gigantic Spider In Your Front Yard

If you place a giant spider in your front yard, you don't really need to do any more decorating. Spiders are terrifying as they are, and they don't need any additional Halloween decorations beside them.

Go ahead and buy this fella on Amazon for $14.95. He'll be a great pet, I promise.

Put A Scary Cardboard Cutout In Your Living Room

Cardboard Halloween cutouts do all of the work for you. Just take it out of the box, stand it up, and put it somewhere. That's literally it. You can get this Advanced Graphics Halloween Haunted House cutout from Amazon for $39.99 (it'll definitely scare your visitors). You can also get this Pennywise the Dancing Clown cutout that'll probably send your visitors running. The latter is available from multiple sellers on Amazon — so take your pick.

Tape Some Streamers Onto Your Wall And Call It A Day

Ah, yes, the classic black and orange Halloween streamers. If you grab a few rolls of these and tape them to your walls, your home will automatically be transformed into a haunted house. You can buy two rolls of each color on Amazon for $7.35.

As you can see, there are tons of Halloween decorations you can buy that do not require much effort. Go ahead and use them so you can spend October doing Halloween activities that you really enjoy (ahem, not decorating).