These New Creamy Jalapeno Poppables From Lay’s Have The Right Amount Of Heat

Courtesy of Lay's

When it comes to the sweet versus salty debate, I'm always team salt. Don't get me wrong — I love a good bowl of ice cream or a fudgy brownie. But when it comes to everyday snacks, I'm always going to reach for a bag of chips before I go for a cookie. So, when I found out that Lay's Creamy Jalapeño Poppables are hitting store shelves in early February, I knew I had to learn more about them. Any snack that combines heat, salt, and a good crunch is A-OK in my book.

Lay's new Creamy Jalapeño Poppables are coming soon and are going to be a permanent addition to the snack aisle, according to Lay's. The company took to Instagram to announce the launch of the new flavor. According to Jan. 16 post, Lay's plans to roll out the new Creamy Jalapeño Poppables starting on Monday, Feb. 4. Mondays are always such a drag, but this gives my palate something to look forward to. My guess is that you should be able to find this flavor anywhere Lay's products are sold such as Target, Walmart, and your favorite local grocery store. This flavor of Poppables will be sold in 2-ounce and 5-ounce bags, according to Lay's.

If you aren't one to indulge in spicy foods, I invite you to reconsider. While I haven't taste-tested this flavor for myself, the good people over at SnackGator have. SnackGator is quick to point out that you "get an instant whiff of zesty jalapeño," but that the cream flavor kicks in and overpowers the spicy flavor of the pepper.

Courtesy of Lay's

Remember, jalapeño isn't the only flavor these crisps possess. There's also the creamy aspect, which should help cut back on the jalapeño spice for those who don't like to play with fire. I'm a fan of jalapeños. I like to eat them pickled, raw, and in my guac and other dips. Also, jalapeño poppers were a staple food of my childhood and I still love the friend snack. Really, any way is fine by me. I've never met a jalapeño that I didn't like.

The packaging for the new snack touts "perfectly poppable crispy potato bites." As I said, I haven't been privy to trying this yummy snack just yet so I can't confirm or deny the validity of the bag's claim. If I'm going based off of images of the Creamy Jalapeño Poppables, the small oval-shaped chips look perfectly crisp and well seasoned with specks of spicy green flavor. You may have noticed the airy design of the Poppable. The unique criss-cross pattern helps to give the snack an extra big crunch with every bite. I'm already drooling.

Instagram user @kadithemami commented on Lay's' Instagram post and noted that the Creamy Jalapeño Poppables "were sold in Walmart for a little and then it stopped." I've never personally seen these at my local Target or Walmart, but I can't wait to bust open a bag and get to snacking. IMO, these Creamy Jalapeño Poppables from Lay's are the perfect snack to keep in your bag or desk for an afternoon snack, but I'm not hear to tell you when to eat the crispy deliciousness. I'd even open a bag of these for breakfast. See? Judgment-free zone. Enjoy.