5 Kim K Halloween Costume Ideas That Are Surprisingly Casual Chic

NurPhoto/NurPhoto/Getty Images

There hasn't been a year in over a decade in which Kim Kardashian didn't have an iconic fashion moment. Despite the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe and creating hard times for all in 2020, this year was no different when it came to Kardashian's style statements. Just take one look at these Kim Kardashian Halloween 2020 costume ideas that prove she's got style range like no one else.

Before the coronavirus pandemic left most people self-quarantined for months, Kardashian turned heads during Paris Fashion Week in February when she stepped out in an all-latex outfit. Days later she sported a second latex look at the Balmain show, which was equally as intriguing. The looks literally blew everyone's minds, with a major question being how she was even able to squeeze into the body-hugging ensembles.

Of course, Kardashian's quest to make the outfits fit was filmed for Keeping Up With The Kardashians and shared in March, where the reality star shared she felt like she "pulled a muscle" while trying to put on the clothing. This was just the start of Kardashian's 2020 fashion looks, with many coming in the form of loungewear as she did her part to slow the spread of COVID-19 by practicing social distancing and staying at home.

1. Fashion Week Kim

While I wouldn't recommend slipping into something quite as tight as Kardashian's look without professional stylists by your side, you can definitely recreate this look with a few simple pieces. Starting with a full latex bodysuit. This outfit might be a little off in color compared to Kardashian's mustard yellow ensemble, but it's definitely close enough.

Add brown gloves.

Pair the look with nude open-toed heels and you'll be all set.

2. The Kim Fights Kourtney Look

Kim and Kourtney's scratching match during a Season 19 episode of KUWTK was definitely not one of their finer looks, but the outfit Kim was wearing when it happened was actually super chic. The best part is you can easily wear the two pieces to this costume long after Halloween.

Start with a plain black tank top or bodysuit.

Grab a pair of leather pants or leggings and the look is complete.

3. Quarantined & Cozy Kim

Of course, a Kim K Halloween costume guide wouldn't be complete without a SKIMs look. This cozy outfit is major 2020 vibes, and if you've been dying to get your hands on one of these SKIMS loungewear sets, now is the time to splurge.

Start with a super comfy tank.

Add the matching bottoms.

Throw a cozy knit robe over it.

Plaster on a face mask for the full Kim K look — and some extra self-pampering.

4. Casual Kim

Kim's casual vibes are always relatable, especially in coronavirus era. This look starts with a SKIMS tank top that you'll be able to re-wear a lot.

Grab a pair of light-washed, bellbottom jeans.

Add purple knee-high boots and you're ready to go.

5. Balmain Barbie Kim

Of course, Kim's recent Balmain look is completely custom, so there's no way to get the exact ensemble, but luckily you can get pretty close with the following items.

First up, grab a white and gray blazer (the bigger the shoulder pads, the better), though you'll likely have to pin the stomach to make it a crop like Kim's.

Add black bike shorts, which won't be hard to find since they're super in style RN.

Add black flip flops.

Just add a long, black wig and style it like Kim's to finish the look.