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These Journaling Tips On TikTok Will Make An Organized Journal Pretty AF

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As the countdown to a new year begins, you're making a list of resolutions and reflecting on the past year in your journal. You want to start each new year better than the year before, so you're spending extra time jotting down your thoughts and visions. The next time you open up your journal, you can refer to these journaling tips on TikTok to improve your routine and make sure all of your entries moving forward are the best they can be.

Journaling is a helpful way to keep track of all your thoughts, memories, and goals all in one personal book. To assist you in finding a design, layout, routine, and overall vibe for your journal, TikTokers are sharing their favorite tips and tricks. For example, you can learn how to make your entries more meaningful by writing down your intentions for the day. A mood board-like design can also make each entry or section so colorful and inspiring. Whatever ideas you decide to incorporate into your own routine, these journaling tips on TikTok are sure to make your writing time extra special.

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This Layout Trick Will Create The Best #Mood Board

Using the rule of oppositions, you can easily design beautiful layouts for a bullet journal. This is a great way to capture your emotions for the day or visually catalog what's inspiring you at the moment. This rule makes the left and right page complement one another using the same decorative materials. It almost makes your journal look like a scrapbook for your thoughts.

This How-To Will Keep Your Tasks On Track

Planning your weekly, monthly, and year-long goals can be daunting, but this planner tutorial can help you organize your tasks. You can use the 10-minute planner ($12, Amazon) or your favorite notebook to jot down your to-do list. It shows the benefits of having a month at a glance, with a page for each day that has those particular tasks outlined so you don't miss anything.

These Journal Prompts Are Food For Thought

Out with the old and in with the new. Journal prompts will allow you to recognize what's been working in your life and what you'd like to change moving forward. Ask yourself things like, "What am I holding onto?" or "What can I thank myself for this year?" It's an easy exercise to work into your daily journaling.

These Journal Prompts Will Help You Get Ready For The Day

To organize your day, start with a morning journal entry. These morning journal prompts will help you practice gratitude in the morning and set intentions for how the rest of your day will look.

You can follow the prompts in the TikTok and ask yourself questions like, "How do you want to present yourself today?" In this way you can also decide which day to get organized at home and when to fit in your errands.

This Journal Idea Is Full Of Design Inspo

The right color scheme can really personalize your journal, making it a fun reflection of you. This January-themed TikTok plays around with color combinations for the first of the month to give you design inspo for your own diary.

You can opt for different tones of blue that are serious January vibes. Or, give your bullet journal a cozy feel with layers of lace and neutral warm tones. Whatever design you choose, totally express yourself.

This Journal Has A 'Harry Potter' Theme To It

A fun way to decorate your journal entry is by using a show or character you love. Take a page from this Draco Malfoy-themed journal and decorate your notebook with cutouts of your fave character. Write out a quote about your character that has special meaning to you and write it out in your journal. Then, add a few more touches of color to make your entry pop.

This Starter Pack Will Give You Everything You Need To Start A Bullet Journal

Bullet journals are comprised of various scraps of paper, fun stickers, and cute washi tape. A starter pack will supply you with a few essentials to start your bullet journaling off right. This TikToker recommends a Canon IVY mini printer ($90, Target), an Archer & Olive notebook ($31, Archer & Olive), La Dolce Vita stickers ($6, Etsy), and grid washi tape ($1, Stationary Pal).

This Journal Tip Is Perfect For The First Page

This journal prompt guides you through starting a new notebook. On the front page, write your name in bold letters. Then, surround your name with things that bring you joy. They can be doodles of activities you like, song lyrics, or a drawing of your pet.