Addison Rae attends the 2020 BBMAs

5 Gift Ideas For Addison Rae Fans That'll Make Them Feel Like They're All That

Amy Sussman/BBMA2020/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Addison Rae Easterling is the gift that keeps on giving. The TikTok star made major waves in 2020 with her videos, and she's amassed more than 71 million followers on the app, not to mention another 32 million on Instagram. With so many fans looking up to her, you probably have a few friends that are included in her ever-growing fanbase. For those needing some gift-giving inspo, these five holiday gift ideas for Addison Rae fans are a good place to start.

Easterling is a big fan of the holiday season herself, and she's already planning out what she's going to give her closest friends and family. As she told People, she's got the perfect present in mind for her little brother. "My brother Enzo loves Legos. They are all over our house and he creates the most amazing designs with them," she said.

She also revealed that she would gift the beauty lover in her life her Item Beauty Powder Hour. "This is also perfect for the holidays because, in our house, Christmas means a lot of pictures. And I know that I tend to get really shiny in my T-zone and this Powder Hour really mattifies the shine."

As Easterling readies her 2020 Christmas list, here's all the best things you can buy for the biggest Addison Rae fan in your life.

1. 'Hey Y'all' Tie Dye Sweatsuit

Easterling has the athleisure chic look down pat, and so many of her TikTok videos show her dancing in a sweatsuit. It's kind of become her signature look, and fans can grab one designed by Easterling herself. Her "Hey Y'all" sweatsuit is available on her official merch site.

2. Pouty Face Tee

Easterling's pout is equally as famous as her dance moves, and fans can get their pout on at home with her merch line. She capitalized on her famous facial features by creating a tee that says "pouty face" across the front.

3. Item Beauty Lash Snack Mascara

In August, Easterling launched her very own beauty line called Item Beauty, and it included six of her must-have makeup products. The brand was launched in partnership with Ipsy, and any fan of Easterling's would be thrilled to see one of the prized beauty products in their stocking.

4. American Eagle Jeans

Easterling is such a big American Eagle fan that she partnered with the brand in 2020 and is gifting jeans to her besties this Christmas.

As she told People, they're her personal "favorite." "I’d give my best a pair of my favorite jeans from American Eagle! There are so many different styles and sizes, and they are perfect for every occasion. I love to pair them with heels when I’m going out to dinner or with an oversized sweatshirt when I’m hanging out at home."

Fans can channel her quarantine style with a pair of their own AE jeans.

5. She's All That

The popular '90s movie She's All That has seen a huge resurgence in 2020 with Addison Rae and a number of other celebrities joining the film reboot. If you and your friends just can't wait to see her star in the series' return, She's All That on DVD might be just the gift for them.