These Hilarious "High School Me Vs. Adult Me" Comparisons Are The Most Relatable Memes Ever

Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Whether your high school portrait fills you with a distant feeling of awkwardness, or if it manages to bring back a wave of fond memories, almost anyone can relate to the fact that their high school selves were much more energetic, fun, and willing to go out than their current adult selves are now. Trust me — spending a weekend night in your mid twenties sounds much more enticing than it did nine or 10 years ago. And based on these "High School Me versus Adult Me" memes, it seems as though Twitter is feeling the exact same way... it's seriously unreal.

Maybe these days you are more inclined to fill your weekend with naps and TV rather than various adventures and all-nighters like you did in high school. Or, there's a chance you appreciate coffee a little more now than you did back then. Either way, most people can relate to the fact that their adult selves are a lot more — well — sedentary than they were at age 16 or 17. And Twitter's #HighSchoolMeVsAdultMe hashtag that began trending on Thursday, March 7, further proves my point.

Definitely check out Twitter's comparisons between their adult and high school selves, below. They are way too relatable, and will definitely make you LOL.

Sleep is everything, you guys.

Loud music isn't as fun as it used to be

I guess once you leave school, you encounter more people, so this tweet technically makes sense?

Relaxing is everything.

Saying goodbye to that self-conscious feeling is a nice perk of growing up.

Similar to relaxing, coffee is life — especially when you get your first full-time job.

Some things (like needing a little more money) never change, amirite?

Again, rest is king.

The Irish goodbye is an adult's best friend.

OK for real — I'm feeling a little bit feel attacked right now. Each and every one of these applies to my life on a pretty scary level, TBH. There have been way too many instances as of recently where I've tried to sneak out of parties versus back in the day, when I would try and sneak out of my parent's house to go to parties. I also value sleep way more now than I did back then. Many people can probably admit that their high school self had a little bit more energy than what they're currently working with. I know I've noticed I get sleepier more often than I used to, and it's just something I'll have to come to terms with.

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While I'm always down for a little bit of fun, there is nothing more accurate than the fact that high school me was way more adventurous than I am now. Early nights in aren't quite as dreary as they used to be, and a day spent relaxing on my couch is far less grueling than it was in the mid '00s. The #HighSchoolMeVsAdultMe meme really hit the nail on the head, and TBH, I'm starting to worry about my current fun levels.