16 Instagram Captions From Offset's 'Father Of 4' That Are Perfect For Your Family Photos

Bryan Steffy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Offset's first solo album is here. The album, titled Father of 4, dropped on Friday, Feb. 22, and it's filled with tracks about the rapper's personal life, Cardi B included. In a tweet announcing the arrival of the album's first single, "Red Room," Offset promised his devoted fans that the song (and its music video) would touch a lot on his personal life, hinting that the album would do the same. But he also promised fans some "turn ups" on the album, and he definitely delivered. And you'll probably see these Father of 4 Instagram captions on social media in no time flat.

Right from the bat, there are a lot of great lines to use for the 'Gram from the album's lead single, "Red Room." The song was all about Offset's childhood, his life as a father now, the nearly fatal car crash he experienced back in 2018, and his life in general. He also comments on police brutality in the song and video. So just from that song alone, there are lots of Instagram-worthy lyrics to be used.

Here are all of the lyrics from Offset's Father of 4 that'll elevate your Insta game.

1. How I grew up, my momma was my dad / So when I blew up I put her in a pad.

2. I'ma keep grindin' for my kids, never gon' let up, I'ma put the money up for y'all, I can't be selfish.

3. Gotta thank your mama, she hold me like holsters, Gotta protect her from the world, I can't even post her, Ups and downs in this fame, roller coaster, If I don't ball, then everything 'round me fall, I'm prayin' to God to watch my kids, that's my all.

4. Look up, look down and look around for me, I'll cast a shadow on the ground for me, 'Cause I'll be high up in the sky, And I'll always be there, I will always be there.

5. I'm a genie and I’m grantin' wishes, only for the Mrs.

6. Diamonds on fleek, I'ma rock her to sleep.

7. You part of the team, you unique, Then bought her Chanel, Celine, I’m fly with no wing to show that I'm sweet.

8. My baby the baddest, She don't need a carriage, I swear she rock you to sleep.

9. She do multiple things at one time, man, I call her triathlete, She was like a puzzle 'til I put her together in one piece, Diamonds are forever, I done hand-chiseled a whole masterpiece.

10. All this money pilin', I might buy a private island, All this private flying, private jettin' to different climates.

11. Momma said the streetlights 'bout to stop workin', Lookin' at my momma in her eyes, Lookin' at me like a new person.

12. What you hear is part of me, But there's so much more to me, So much more to be than just alive, A son, a brother, a husband, a father, But still can go even farther, Wish and will, can go harder.

13. Real shit, did that real sh*t, in the field sh*t,We ain't tryna kill sh*t, pay my mama bill sh*t.

14. Gotta keep that fire like my shadows it's gone follow me, I won't let this fame or these chains break my family.

15. I'm a father of four, gotta get that cash, gold, Keep my past closed, 'member I ain't had no dough.

16. Gotta thank your mama, she hold me like holsters, Gotta protect her from the world, I can't even post her, Ups and downs in this fame, roller coaster.

Safe to say Offset's Father of 4 is filled with bops. Welcome to the world, Offset's solo music! Now please do a collab album with Cardi B. Thanks.