Here's How To Make Trump Tweet Halloween Costumes, Because His Page Is Scary AF

by Chelsea Stewart
Win McNamee/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Halloween is on the horizon, which means that we're about to see an influx of bunny ears, witch hats, mummy bandages... aka many things that are overdone and downright typical. Obviously, you can be whatever you want, but if you're looking to kick things up a notch and wear an over-the-top costume, look no further than these Donald Trump tweet Halloween costume ideas. After all, is there anything scarier than the president's Twitter feed? Spoooooky.

Sure, you could go with a traditional witch or ghost, but to really draw everyone's attention in 2018 you have to get political. From the president's incendiary threats to foreign leaders and media organizations, to the countless number of false claims he's made about a variety of subjects, there's really no shortage of spooky content on his social media. But instead of blocking his tweets from your timeline forever, why not channel that terror into an easy-to-make costume? Here's some ideas to get you started down this terrifying path. But hey, don't blame me if you wake up on the morning of Nov. 1 to find that all your friends have blocked you on social media. That's the risk you take with a truly scary costume.

The DIY Trump Tweet

For this first idea, all you need is an all-black outfit, a poster board, index cards, some string, a marker, and an adhesive of your choice. Once you've got all of your materials together, head on over to Trump's Twitter page and look for some of his stand-out phrases — things like "Fake News," "border wall," "witch hunt," "Crooked Hillary," and of course, "very stable genius." Think Magnetic Poetry. With Trump cranking out heaps of wild tweets by the day, the possibilities are endless, TBH.

Once you've got them picked out, write the words down on your index cards. Then apply your adhesive to the back of the cards and stick them on your poster board. (Bonus points: If you use Velcro, you can mix-and-match your phrases for new tweets all night. Just like real life!) From there, poke two holes in the top corners of the poster board to slide the string through so you can tie it around your neck, and BOOM! You're a living Trump Tweet.

The "Fake News"

Or if you want to get specific, there's always going with one of Trump's favorite phrases with this "Fake News" costume. For this one, all you'll need is a top — tank top, T-shirt, polo shirt — a newspaper, a marker, scissors, and an adhesive.

Once you've got your shirt picked out, take the newspaper and cut it into small pieces. Then you're going to take the adhesive and stick the clippings across your shirt until it's completely covered and decorated with the paper. At that point, you'll take your marker (I recommend something vibrant that will stick out against the newspaper) and scribble the word "FAKE!" across the front of your shirt. Once you're finished, walk around all night spouting real, verifiable information, for extra authenticity.

The Actual, Real Tweet
realdonaldtrump on Twitter

Of course, you can always let his words speak for themselves. For this one, think the Instagram frame costume, but Trump-ier. You'll need a poster board, a marker, scissors, and a Trump tweet of your choice. What you'll do is take the scissors and cut out a square the size of your face in the upper left-hand corner. (See where I'm going here?) Then select a Trump tweet of your choice and write or print it out on the board in the form of a Twitter post. After that, hold the cut-out up to your face, and ta—da! You should look like this.

For final touches, in case you want to go all the way over the top, Spirit Halloween has a "Comb Over Candidate Wig" that should complete your look perfectly — no matter what Trump tweet method you decide to use.

Ah, you look boo-tifully scary. Happy Halloween!