These DIY ‘AHS: Apocalypse’ Halloween Costumes Are Spooktacular


Over the years, the American Horror Story franchise has terrorized our Wednesday nights with its demonic spirits and bewitching covens, but this season's American Horror Story: Apocalypse has certainly doubled the scare factor. Officially a crossover between previous, acclaimed seasons Murder House and Coven, the Apocalpyse storyline and its characters have the perfect ingredients for a Halloween look destined to be the talk of your costume party. These DIY AHS: Apocalypse Halloween costumes are worth a look this October.

While the FX drama's current season recycles many characters from the standout Murder House and Coven stories, it also comes with a dystopian edge that sets it apart from the show's earlier contemporary and historical plots. Embodying one of its characters this Halloween will make you feel more glamorous than past seasons' figures might have, but the one guarantee you can count on in American Horror Story is that every character has a creepy side destined for costume reenactments. Whether you prefer the cool sophistication of Zoe Benson's black dress or the rich socialite airs of Evie Gallant, you're sure to look just as stylishly intimidating as the cast of Apocalypse regularly looks.

So, explore your witchy side, brush up on your quotable moments from the series, and rack your brain for cheap ways to craft these looks. Time to celebrate Halloween, witches!

Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt & Dinah Stevens

If you can't get away with wearing such a rich purple color on Halloween, when can you rock this look? These two purples of Outpost 3 definitely have the most enviable styles, but finding old-fashioned purple dresses could be tricky. While Dinah's slicker frock is probably easier to replicate, Coco's frillier dress could cause some roadblocks in your costume search. No matter where you find your outfit, a quick Google search will teach you how to dye a dress in no time.

While she is a witch, Coco had a spell put on her that caused her to forget who she really was. But since you're an all-knowing audience member, dressing like her this year means you can totally embrace the witching hour to the fullest. Meanwhile, channeling voodooist Dinah could bring a stroke of confidence to your costume. Once you have your purple dress sorted, find yourself a power necklace if you're playing Coco, and experiment with retro hairstyles for either woman's look.

Michael Langdon

Being the living Antichrist is basically synonymous with a creepy Halloween night. Actor Cody Fern has such a distinct face that any replicas of Michael may fall a little short, but copying his typical outfit is a doable task. Be sure to pick up some red eyeshadow before you find your velvet red scarf and long black cloak. Don't forget to tease out your hair to properly capture Michael's luscious locks!

Stevie Nicks

If you're a Stevie Nicks stan and you dressed like her in the past, now's your chance to recycle her image and easily claim that you're not just repeating costumes. Seeing as the Fleetwood Mac singer goes by the title of the White Witch in the AHS universe, you can always use that excuse of naming technicalities to shut down any haters. Life is too short to wear costumes you're just not into, right?

Even if hearing "Landslide" doesn't make you tear up, a Stevie Nicks costume is pretty simple. Track down a black blazer and layer underneath with even more black clothing. Donning fingerless gloves will make you feel 10 times cooler, and finding a long blonde wig completes the look.

Zoe Benson & Madison Montgomery

If you and your BFF need a killer costume idea, decking out in all black with expressive hats is the way to go. Everyone has a special LBD in our closets. so all you two really need to complete the outfit are some divine hats. Depending on where you live, older relatives may or may not have the kind of headwear you require. Once you've found the perfect hats, straighten your hair and wear relatively natural-looking makeup. For that Instagram group shot, you and your fellow witch should just stare down the camera intimidatingly. Surprise, b*tch!

Evie Gallant

The DIY factor of Evie Gallant's costumes may be a little difficult to achieve, but if you're a budding fashionista, consider this your Everest. Whether you want to emulate her elegant purple gown or her slightly more casual day dress, tracking down a vintage outfit or sewing fabric into your ideal shape is worth it to pull off Evie. Find a '80s-style wig and take a bold step with your makeup to top off the look.


There are theories floating about whether Mallory is actually Fiona Goode, but mysterious identity aside, her look is one of the kookier of the season. Her topknot game is strong, so don't be afraid to look into YouTube tutorials to perfectly emulate it. Mallory's hipster black frames are also a must and an easy find. You can substitute her pinafore with a sleeveless, plain sundress, and while finding a lilac blouse shouldn't be too difficult, replicating her blouse's puffed sleeves might be a challenge. If you or someone you know sews, look toward Pinterest or YouTube tutorials on creating the old-fashioned feature.

Cordelia Goode

If you love Zoe and Madison's elegant simplicity but want to kick it up a notch, it's time to replicate Cordelia's own black hat look. While copying her dark clothing and wavy hair is stress-free, you'll need to commit to find the ultimate Gothic parasol that your Cordelia will tote around all night. Target offers an inexpensive lace parasol that could work in a pinch, but if you're committed to total accuracy, shelling out some more money for a parasol on Etsy or covering your own umbrella with black lace is the way to go. Compared to Sarah Paulson's other Apocalypse characters, being Cordelia is likely the most recognizable option, but dressing as Wilhemina Venable or Billie Dean Howard also has its pros and cons.

Just like Ryan Murphy's penchant for horror, the American Horror Story universe's supply of Halloween costumes is endless. Use these options as a jumping board for even more AHS looks this year, but you might want to plan your Halloween night so you're home in time for the latest addition to the Apocalypse storyline.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse airs on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on FX.