These New Minnie & Mickey Ears Coming To Disney Feature Designs By Coach & Betsey Johnson

Courtesy Of Disney

Along with tasting all of the Instagram-worthy food and testing out the new rides, one of the most exciting things about going to any of the Disney Parks is adding to your stash of Mickey and Minnie ears. And the park's latest line for summer and fall is kind of incredible, especially for those who appreciate, well, the finer things in life. If you haven't seen these designer Minnie and Mickey Mouse Ears coming to Disney this season, they're honestly incredible (and so classy!).

Disney officially launched its new Disney Parks Designer Collection on May 24, according to the official Disney Parks Blog. Guests at Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, and obviously fans shopping online at home will be able to peruse through an elegant series of limited-edition Mickey Mouse ear hats and Minnie Mouse ear headbands, designed by famous designers, celebs, and artists. Each set of ears in the Disney Parks Designer Collection will feature super signature elements from each designer, and each design will be inspired by different parts of the Disney Parks. So, if you're all about Disney and fashion, these will totally be right up your alley.

Keep in mind that each new design will be released on a monthly basis, according to the Disney Parks Blog. So, if you happen to be holding out for a specific designer, definitely check out the release schedule for each designer, below:

  • HARVEYS – May 24
  • Betsey Johnson – Summer 2019
  • ALEX AND ANI – Summer 2019
  • Noah Fine Art – Summer 2019
  • Kim Irvine – Summer 2019
  • Her Universe – Summer 2019
  • SHAG – Summer 2019
  • Jerrod Maruyama – Fall 2019
  • Heidi Klum – Fall 2019
  • The Blonds – Fall 2019
  • Loungefly – Fall 2019
  • COACH – Fall 2019

With seven unique designs dropping in the summer and four more coming in the fall, the rest of 2019 is set to be a very ~fashionable~ year. Plus, there are also six new ears and headbands coming in 2020. Since it is 2019, let's focus on the super cute options coming your way.

A few of my favorites include this patriotic headband designed by HARVEYS, the California-based all-vegan designer that created the original Seatbelt Bag. It's currently sold out on the Shop Disney website, but you might still be able to snag it in the parks. Fingers crossed for a restock.

Courtesy Of Disney

Oh, and I definitely couldn't forget about this classic pink puffy ear headband from Betsey Johnson. So on-brand, and so fun. This headband will be released some time this summer, so keep an eye out.

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Supermodel and entrepreneurial goddess Heidi Klum also designed a shiny pair of ears to be released this fall, and it goes without saying I need one for myself.

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Oh, and Coach created this gorgeous floral set of ears for any flower kweens out there.

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The ears and headbands from designers named above will be released in months to come, so definitely look out for them on the Shop Disney website and in the parks. I know I will.

Whether you're holding out for a specific pair of designer ears, or if you're not sure which pair to get, I know for a fact you'll look straight-up fabulous in any one of these. And the best part is, you can wear them anywhere — TBH, they're about to be one of the classiest accessories in my closet.