These Celebrity "10-Year Challenge" Photos Will Convince You Everyone Had An Awkward Phase

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images | Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The start of a new year is always super exciting. There’s so much possibility for change and improvement, but not without a little self-reflection first! That’s exactly what a whole bunch of celebrities are doing thanks to the exceptionally popular “10-Year Challenge” memes making the rounds on social media right now! Celebs are posting 10-year-old photos left and right to compare them with what they look like today. Basically, all these celebrity “10-Year Challenge” photos are showing just how much (or even how little) your faves have changed over the years.

So, who’s participating in the challenge? Well, pretty much everyone, to be honest! Since I obviously can’t include every single celebrity who has done the “10-Year Challenge” here, I’ll just give a shout out to some of my favorites, which also happen to be some of the ones that capture the core of this challenge and why it's going so viral!

First, there’s Nicki Minaj who looks just as amazing now as she did back in 2009. Her overall look has more or less stayed the same. I mean, she’s gorgeous and youthful looking in both shots, but her style has definitely evolved! Not to mention the fact that she was basically just hitting it big 10 years ago, so a lot has changed for her career-wise since then! Anyway, here’s a look at what Minaj looked like back in 2009:

Next up is Snooki, who has undergone quite a transformation over the years. Back in 2009, Snooki was only just becoming a household name with her wild antics on Jersey Shore. Now, 10 years later, she’s a wife and a mom who’s settled down quite a lot. Have a look at her “10-Year Challenge” photos down below:

Not everyone who did the “10-Year Challenge” has changed significantly, though. Take Gabrielle Union, for example, who posted photos from 10 and 20 years ago. She looks exactly the same and she knows it! She clearly inherited some great genes because, wow, she hasn’t aged a bit since 1998!

Now, Busy Philipps posted a really sweet comparison photo of herself and her daughter, Birdie Leigh. Check it out down below:

Too cute! Doesn’t her daughter look just like her?

Some stars opted for videos instead of photos and didn’t actually use any kind of present-day comparison. Cardi B was one of them. Instead of posting a photo, she opted to share a video of herself performing Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” back in high school. The performance is as wild as Cardi’s present-day performances, so it’s safe to say she hasn’t really changed much. She does, however, look way younger in the video than she does now!

Dua Lipa also opted to share a video of herself. In the video, which she posted to Instagram, you can hear a very young Lipa giving her best go at Alicia Keys’ “No One.” She sounds amazing! Take a look:

As you can see, all these celebs have undergone some serious transformations over the past decade — with the exception of Gabrielle Union, of course, who is basically ageless. All in all, though, a lot of these celebs went from seriously awkward to seriously amazing in just a short amount of time. If only that could happen for all of us, right?