These Cannolis Are Infused With Pinot Grigio For A Boozy Dessert

Courtesy Of Kannoli Kraze

Between Prosecco doughnuts, Champagne cupcakes, and rosé ice cream, I think it's pretty safe to say I'm a total sucker for alcohol-inspired desserts. And really, are you surprised? As a wine-obsessed millennial, it's basically my duty to taste — and obviously 'Gram — as many alcoholic desserts as I possibly can in this sugar-lovin' lifetime. And if you, too, are always on the lookout for a sweet (and slightly alcoholic) bite, look no further than these Cavit Pinot Grigio-infused cannolis. They taste just like your favorite white wine, and they're here in time for National Cannoli Day.

Any Italian pastry aficionado out there is most likely preparing themselves for National Cannoli Day, which falls on Sunday, June 16. And unless you and your family were planning on making some from scratch, I strongly suggest stopping by Kannoli Kraze in Massapequa, Long Island in New York. According to the brand, they are serving up a Cavit Pinot Grigio-infused cannoli for winos and sweet-toothed snackers alike, and I — personally — am beyond excited.

If you've never tried Cavit Pinot Grigio, it brings hints of pear, apple, almonds, and citrus to the seasoned Italian pastry shop's basic (and seriously delicious) cannoli, according to the brand. These delectable desserts are now available at the Long Island store all the way through June 30, so you'll be able to snag some for National Cannoli Day, Father's Day, and beyond.

Courtesy Of Kannoli Kraze

Those interested in snagging a Pinot Grigio-infused cannoli for themselves can get it in the form of a traditional full-size cannoli, a cannoli pop (which looks like a cake pop), or a cannoli cake cup (which seems somewhat similar to a pudding parfait) for $5 each, according to Kannoli Kraze. However, if you're in the mood for something a little smaller, you can get mini cannolis, which cost $2 each.

Oh, and if you aren't in the Long Island area, you aren't totally SOL — the shop ships their Pinot Grigio-infused cannoli pops and cannoli cups internationally. So, you can order them on the shop's website for $35 plus shipping for a six pack. I don't know about you, but I'm about to order several all for myself.

Courtesy Of Kannoli Kraze

If you're seeking out something a little more colorful, on the other hand, Gelso & Grand in New York City introduced the "Unicornolli," a few years back in 2017. It's filled with none other than funfetti cake and homemade buttercream, and it's and topped with lavender macaroons, graham crackers, and — of course — colorful sprinkles. You should probably know ahead of time that it isn't infused with any alcohol *boo* but it's certainly a magical twist on the classic dessert, if you ask me.

Whether you're looking to celebrate National Cannoli Day, you want to surprise dad this weekend, or if you simply love wine-infused desserts, Kannoli Kraze is bringing the fun with the Pinot Grigio-infused cannolis, cannoli pops, and cannoli cups. TBH, I'll definitely have to try them all... I can already feel a sugar rush coming on.