These Behind-The-Scenes Secrets From BTS' "Dynamite" Video Will Blow Your Mind

7 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets From BTS' "Dynamite" Video That'll Blow Your Mind


ARMYs haven't stopped replaying BTS' "Dynamite" music video since its release on Aug. 21. The feel-good clip is everything fans hoped for and more. In fact, because ARMYs were anticipating it so much, at least three million of them tuned into the visual's midnight premiere, smashing the previous YouTube record. These behind-the-scenes secrets from BTS' "Dynamite" video will only make fans appreciate it even more.

Whenever BTS drops new music, fans rush to find any easter eggs hidden throughout their songs or videos. While ARMYs are definitely on the hunt to find any references, BTS gave fans an inside look into the making of the clip during their Aug. 21 VLIVE, during which they broke down their MV scene by scene. Their commentary was filled with so many secrets and once ARMYs learn about them all, they'll look at the "Dynamite" visual in a whole new way.

From on-set mishaps and last-minute decisions to improvisations by the members themselves, there's so many details that went into the final product. ARMYs always find BTS' filming process so fascinating because of all the hard work they put into each of their projects.

These seven behind-the-scenes secrets from BTS' "Dynamite" music video will especially blow fans' minds because it involves their favorite scenes and cutest moments between the members.

1. BTS watched the premiere along with ARMYs.

According to a fan translation by @btstranslation7 on Twitter, before release day, the guys only watched an early version of the video, but never the final product. That means their video commentary was their live reaction to seeing the clip the whole way through.

2. They didn't tell their friends and family about the release.

As it turns out, BTS didn't mention they were dropping new music to their loved ones because they wanted it to be a surprise. RM said his friends kept texting him about the song, while Jimin's father called him to congratulate him on their comeback.

3. The ending was originally different.


ARMYs, somewhere there's extra "Dynamite" footage and it's only a matter of time before BTS shares it. The guys said they filmed different versions of the ending, including one where Jin was rocking V's glasses. RM teased they might release the extra scenes at a later date.

4. They researched the "disco generation" as inspiration.


This may seem obvious because of the huge "DISCO" sign seen in the music video, but V went the extra mile by watching videos from the disco generation in order to really immerse himself in the culture.

5. Jimin's finger point was a last-minute decision.

Jimin's little finger gun was an iconic moment, so fans will be surprised to hear it wasn't originally in the script. Jimin was actually supposed to just smile for the camera, but after realizing it felt awkward, the director asked him to add a cute little "bang." Then, history was made.

6. Jungkook accidentally broke a prop on set.

Looks like RM isn;t the only one that's good at breaking things! Even though the staff told Jungkook to be careful where he sat, he still ended up breaking something by accident. It was all good, though, because they managed to laugh it off.

7. Jimin jumping on Jungkook's back was totally improvised.

By far, one of the cutest moments in the "Dynamite" MV was when Jungkook gave Jimin a piggyback ride. What makes the scene even more adorable is they completely free-styled the fun moment on the spot.

Knowing all these extra tidbits of information only gives fans more reason to replay the music video over and over again.