These Are The 12 Cheapest Airbnb Cities For Spring Break Because We're All Broke AF

by Chelsea Stewart
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We've all been there. You spend your days longing for an epic spring break vacation, but the combined prices of a hotel, travel fare and amenities in certain cities is way out of your budget. We get it. The good news is that I've compiled this list of some of the cheapest Airbnb cities that will allow you to finally bring all of your travel desires to fruition.

Airbnb is so great because it makes traveling a lot easier and affordable. And I can vouch for that: I recently booked my very first Airbnb vacation and had a blast. While I was booking my trip, I only had four requirements: I wanted to travel for a fraction of the cost of a hotel; I didn't want to stay in an expensive city that would force me to survive off cheap take out; I wanted to stay in a place with affordable tourist attractions; and I just wanted the experience to be worth-while. So as I cluelessly scoured through Airbnb listings, I was shocked to find as many amazing deals as I did. From New Orleans, Louisiana to Vienna, Austria, here are 12 of the cheapest Airbnb cities that are totally worth checking out.

New Orleans, Louisiana

The average nightly price for an Airbnb in New Orleans, Louisiana is $136, but some listings are as low as $10 per night for an entire house. The city's streetcar costs as low as $3 and goes to popular spots across the city, including the famed French Quarter and Bourbon Street. But the best thing about the city is that many attractions are free, so you'll typically only have to worry about buying your food and drinks.

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San Francisco, California

Airbnbs in San Francisco, California start as low as $10 per night for a private room — $155 less than the average nightly price. There are also tons of local shops and restaurants with rich histories to fulfill your spring break desires. For such affordable prices in one of the most expensive cities in the United States, you really can't beat it.

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Bali, Indonesia

Some of the most beautiful Airbnbs in Bali start at just $10 per night for a private room, which is a another major steal seeing as though their average nightly price is $109. Not to mention, it's a great place to go surfing or hang out on the beach, if you're into those kinds of things (I know, I know — of course you are).

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Vienna, Austria

The average nightly price of Airbnb rentals in Vienna is $69, but some rentals are available for as low as $11 a night for an entire apartment. If you've ever wanted to visit London, but find it to be way out of your price range, I'd say Vienna is the next best thing.

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Mexico City, Mexico

There are Airbnb hosts in Mexico City who offer private rooms for as low as $10 per night — $32 less than the average nightly price. OK, so you won't get the entire place to yourself, but many come with gorgeous rooftop views, full kitchen access if you're feeling saucy enough to cook your own Mexican dishes, and are typically within walking distance from bars, restaurants, and other famed attractions.

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Bogotá, Colombia

Bogotá is home to plenty of luxurious rentals for as low as $10 per night for a private room — $23 less than the average nightly price.

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Milan, Italy

The average nightly price of Airbnb rentals in Milan is $93, but some listings start at $12 per night for an entire apartment. Plus, Milan's Milano Centrale station provides quick and easy access to the city's top tourist attractions, which'll stretch your dollars even further.

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Madrid, Spain

Restaurants with the most delicious (and cheapest) tapas and cocktails are said to be in multiple spots around the city. The average nightly price of rentals is $74, but some are as low as $11 a night for a private room.

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Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is the home of country music, so you can bet on finding some of the most epic concerts (and the best food) you'll ever experience. Rentals start around $10 per night for a private room — $141 less than the average nightly cost.

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Toronto, Canada.

The average nightly rental price of Airbnbs in Toronto is $78, but some hosts offer rentals that are as low as $11 per night for a private room. The city is also home to tons of unique bars, cafes, restaurants, shops and clubs that are totally Instagram-worthy.

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Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is home to some of Illinois' most staple attractions, including the Willis Tower, Millennium Park and more. You can find Airbnb rentals for just $10 per night for a private room — $79 dollars less than the average nightly cost.

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Montreal, Canada

I've heard that Montreal is one of the most fantastic places in Canada, which is totally shocking considering their rentals are as cheap as $11 per night for a private room. You can't find a better deal when the average nightly rental cost in Montreal is $60.

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So now that you're in the final stages of deciding where you're gonna spend your spring break, I just have one last request: will you bring me a souvenir?