Aerie's OFFLINE Crossover Leggings being modeled for the retailer's site.

Here's Where To Get The Best Dupes For Aerie's Viral OFFLINE Crossover Leggings

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A sad truth of life is that once something goes viral, it's nearly impossible to get your hands on it. Take, for example, the internet's new favorite leggings: Aerie's OFFLINE Crossover leggings. Since the product blew up on TikTok, they've been completely sold out. But, that shouldn't keep you from getting in on the super cute, new trend, considering how many people are raving about it. You can find a bunch of crossover legging dupes just like Aerie's.

The craze all began when TikToker Hannah Schlenker showed off her OFFLINE leggings in a video on Nov. 20 to her nearly 700,000 followers. While she's dancing in the video, rather than talking about her pants, @katieladieee dueted the original video with some truly convincing words. "I have more of a midsize body type ... but these leggings are my favorite," she said, modeling them. "They literally just make everything look so good. You need to buy them." Now that they've been TikTok approved, what more do you need?

Well, you need them to be in stock, which, sadly, they aren't right now. Luckily, Aerie is usually pretty on top of its shelving game and restocks popular items every few weeks. Since these leggings sold out in late November, you likely can expect their return soon. If you don't feel like checking Aerie's website every day, you can sign up for email updates here. However, if you absolutely cannot wait another day without crossover leggings in your life, below are the best dupes on the internet.

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Core 10's Yoga Leggings ($44, Amazon) range in size, from XS to 3X, and have a pocket to store your small items. They're made with a soft, moisture-wicking fabric that's perfect for working out or kicking back.

In dark sage, ASOS' V-waist Leggings ($29, ASOS) are made for every level of working out, from running and training to more low-impact exercises like yoga. I especially like the cute detail of the ASOS logo on the back.

To get the exact same sculpting effects and soft support as the OFFLINE Crossover Leggings, check out Aerie's Real Me Camo Leggings ($30, Aerie). They're just as comfy as the retailer's viral leggings but come in a super cute camo pattern for a fun break from your go-to black pair.

You can also go down a more subtle, graphic route with Marika's Valor Leggings ($39, Kohl's). The contrasting band makes the cross waistline pop even more, rather than get lost in matching fabric.

Is it really a roundup if none of the options involve animal print? IMO, no. Fashion Nova's Cross Over Legging ($20, Fashion Nova) come in leopard print, and the busy pattern makes the crossover a bit more indistinct.

While patterns are fun for breaking up your closet, nothing can really beat the simplicity of a pair of black leggings. They're a necessary wardrobe staple; it's nice having something like the Romwe Wide Waistband Leggings ($10, Romwe) that you can pair with anything.

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