These Amazing Cheap Spring Break Trips Will Have Your Wallet As Happy As You Are

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Everyone wants to pack up and take a vacation away from the daily monotony of life. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to dish out a lot of dough just to see the beach or have some wild nights with our besties in a far off destination. So what do you do when your piggy bank is empty but you still want to get away? Here are some of the cheapest places to go on spring break, because money doesn't grow on trees.

Personally, I am the queen of the "staycation." Each time a break rolls around, I tell myself that my city has so much to offer and I never get the chance to do any of it. Hours are spent lying in bed making itineraries of all the taco stands I haven't visited, all the museums I pretend I frequent, and walking tours I could take to learn more about my home. Sure, there might be a lot of things to explore in your city, but, come on, "staycation" is just something we tell ourselves to feel less bad that everyone we know is off having the time of their lives.

But sometimes you just don't have the funds to go anywhere. If you are one of those people, here are some budget-friendly spring break destinations. Put on your radar so you don't sit home all week with your cat. Again.

Key West, Florida
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For around $170 per day, according to Budget Your Trip, you have a solid replacement for a Caribbean-style vacation. Key West has a great boardwalk and lovely beaches with a laid-back feel. You can stay on one of the gorgeous waterfront hotels, but since we are trying to save money, Penny Hoarder suggests you opt for a nearby Airbnb which can cost you as low as 60 bucks a night.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
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The main feature of Myrtle Beach are its clean beaches. But when you're done soaking in the sun you can find lots of cheap eats and cheap drinks around. Enjoy some wings and live music at Dead Dog's Saloon or grab a beer at Drunken Jack's while you look out over the water. Depending on where you are, you can make Myrtle Beach your spring break road trip destination and save yourself some money on airfare, to boot. U.S. News also suggests, if traveling with a group, that you rent a home instead of a hotel to save some money. With cheap lodging, average cost per day comes out to about $140, according to Budget Your Trip.

Nashville, Tennessee
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Forget the beaches. If you are looking for some great food and awesome live music, then head straight to Nashville, music city. Do not pass go. Find affordable lodging in the Stadium District which is a short walk or bus ride to Nashville, according to Money Crashers. Once settled, head to The Bluebird Cafe or The Listening Room Cafe for what's called a "Songwriters-In-The-Round Show." It's a popular Nashville attraction where singer/songwriters take stage and perform "in-the-round," in unison but starting at different points, armed only with a mic and a guitar. When you're done there, grab some zero-frills affordable southern BBQ at any of the top Nashville joints. You can have an awesome time with great food and great music and it'll only run you about $130 per day including lodging and everything, according to Budget Your Trip.

New Orleans, Louisiana
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New Orleans might be known for Mardi Gras, but the NOLA partying does not stop there. Like Nashville, NOLA is also a music-centric town known for its jazz, blues, and rock n' roll. On any given night, you can find some amazing music emanating from bars along Bourbon Street. You can grab a Hand Grenade, "the world's most powerful mixed drink," at the place of its inception, Tropical Isle (uh, be careful with it). Then toddle over to Saints and Sinners, which is, wait for it, Channing Tatum's bar. Yes. I said Channing Tatum. Do you even care what they have there? I know you don't, you're already there.

All that fun to be had for only 173 bucks per day, per Budget Your Trip. So a little on the high end of "cheap," but it'll definitely be worth it. If you are flying, that can be expensive too, but you can make up for it by staying outside the French Quarter or checking out some of the hostels in the area.

South Padre Island, Texas
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Are you ready for a week of dancing the night away in dark nightclubs and not remembering it the next morning? Well then pack your bags and head to South Padre Island. Not only is it one of the hottest spring break destinations equipped with poolside parties and sunny beaches, but in March South Padre will also be host to some of the greatest current music sensations. Cardi B, Steve Aoki, Carnage, Lil Uzivert, lil Pump, Deorro are just some of that acts lined up for the spring break 2018 season, according to Student City. Want some more good news? You can find lodging for under $100 a night.

Savannah, Georgia
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According to U.S. News, Savannah is a quirky and cheap spring break destination for folks who favor trendy restaurants, cafes and art galleries over nightclubs. Browse through some trendy galleries at City Market then grab some grub at defunct bank turned restaurant, The Vault. If you are anything like me, then you're first stop should be one of Savannah's spooky ghost tours. I'm already packing my bags. Also, Savannah's historic district doesn't have open container laws so you can take some drinks along with you on tours. Savannah is one of the cheapest destinations on the list. It'll run you about $123 a day. To save some money on lodging, try a hotel near the airport.