These 59 Products On Amazon Are So Hot Right Now

Here's the thing: There are literally thousands of products lining the virtual shelves of Amazon. Whether you're looking for a high-tech foot massager or a pizza maker for your kitchen, the online shopping platform has you totally covered. However, finding the products on Amazon that are hot-and-trending takes some extra time and commitment — but it's 100% worth it.

For instance, you'll have to keep an eye on the customer reviews and overall ratings. If a certain item has hundreds of rave reviews (that are seemingly increasing by the minute), then you'll know the product is popular. Also, if the item you're looking at has a four- or five-star rating, then you'll probably get the hunch that it's a hot buy. Thanks to that customer feedback, you'll be able to stock your household with products that customers can't get enough of.

Of course, trends change and products improve. Still, that doesn't mean you shouldn't scope out the products that are popular in this very moment. (I'm talking Himalayan bath scrubs, temporary hair color, essential oil bracelets, and more.) And then, when you're ready to restock your supply of popular Amazon finds, the shopping site will be waiting for you. To make the process easier in the meantime, I've rounded up a few of my favorites.

A Running Belt That Holds Your Phone And Keys

If your workout gear is lacking pockets, check out this clip-on running belt. It's made with water-resistant neoprene and features various pouches to hold your essentials while you jog (the main pocket is even zippered). The belt also features a headphone hole so you can blare your tunes while you're on-the-go. Buy it in 10 vibrant colors, including pink, blue, red, and more.

These Memory Foam Slippers Lined With Soft Fleece

Let these cozy criss-cross slippers hug your feet after a long day. They're lined with ultra-fuzzy fleece and have plush insoles made with memory foam. The anti-slip outsoles, on the other hand, are water-resistant (so don't be afraid to pop outside if it's raining). Buy them in five calming pastel colors.

Available sizes: 5 - 12

This Natural Body Scrub Made With Pink Himalayan Salt

If you're on the lookout for a new shower scrub, try this one out. It's made with mineral-filled Himalayan salt and uses ingredients like vitamin E, almond oil, and eueopaea oil to help exfoliate and moisturize your skin. Plus, it's totally free of parabens.

These Natural Soap Bars Made With Essential Oils

Go ahead and stock your bathroom with these vegan soap bars. Each one is made with a unique blend of essential oils and organic oils that serve a purpose, whether it's relieving acne or hydrating skin. This package in particular comes with six choices, including Oatmeal & Coffee, Agave Nectar & Soy Milk, Argan & Lavender, and more.

A Fruit-Infusing Water Bottle That Won't Leak

Instead of buying pricy flavored drinks every day, add one of these fruit-infusing water bottles to your routine. The BPA-free container holds a long, porous cylinder that can be filled to the brim with fruit. It's even leak-proof, so you can infuse your water on-the-go without worrying about spills.

The Magnetic Glass Charms Made With Swarovski Crystals

It's super easy to confuse your drink with someone else's while you're at a party — but with these magnetic wine glass crystals, it won't be. These tiny gems — which, yes, are made with Swarovski Crystals — can be snapped onto various glasses. One pack comes with 12 different colors to set every drink apart from the rest.

This Bamboo Cheese Board With A Sliding Drawer

Your wine-and-cheese nights just got a lot better, all thanks to this impressive charcuterie board. The bamboo serving platter features a sliding drawer that comes packed with tools to help you slice and serve your cheese. The board itself even has various indentations along the edges that'll secure your snacks.

A Countertop Pizza Maker For Homemade Cheesiness

Get this: It's totally possible to eat good pizza without ordering takeout, thanks to this pizza maker by Betty Crocker. The must-have appliance uses non-stick pans to cook 12-inch pizza pies or mini pizza pies with ease. There's even a light that shines when the machine is ready to start baking.

This Chic Mug Warmer For Your Desk

This cute mug warmer will heat your coffee while simultaneously adding a chic flair to your workspace. It has a marble-like design around the base and uses a switch to turn the heat on and off. Plus, thanks to its 60-inch power cord, you won't have to worry about how far away your outlet is.

These Cups That Are Made To Keep Your Wine Cold

Keeping your wine at the perfect temperature can be tough. Instead of using ice cubes in your vino, add these plastic cooling cups to your bar cart. They're specifically lined with "cooling gel" to regulate the temperature of your wine, whether you're drinking white or red. Just put them in the fridge for a few hours, and then let 'em do their thing.

An Extra-Fuzzy Blanket That Comes In Over 15 Colors

Whether you're looking for a throw blanket to stylize your couch or cozy-up your bed sheets, add one of machine-washable Chanasya Faux Fur Blankets to your cart. It's made with 100% microfiber, and it's super fuzzy. The blanket also comes in over 15 colors and five sizes, including different bed types (twin, full, queen, and king).

This Wireless Karaoke Mic That Connects To Bluetooth

Thanks to this wireless microphone, you and your friends can sing karaoke from the comfort of your own home. The device uses its Bluetooth range to play music — all you have to do is connect your phone to the suggested app and start singing. There are various controls built into the mic, including volume settings, skip buttons, style controls, and more.

A Stretchy Arm Band That Can Hold Your Phone

Instead of carrying your phone while you're jogging, put it inside this stretchy arm band and free up your hands. It's made with a flexible blend of nylon and spandex — and has a side zipper to secure your valuables. There are even headphone holes in the strap so you can listen to music while you work out.

These High-Wasted Yoga Pants With Pockets

Whether you're doing stretches at the gym or running a marathon, pockets come in handy. Thankfully, these high-waisted yoga pants come with pockets that'll hold your necessities (like your phone or some extra cash). They're made with a cozy blend of polyester, spandex, and nylon — and they're offered in various colors and lengths.

  • Available sizes: XS - XXXL
This Foam Bath Pillow That Suctions To Your Tub

This stick-on bath pillow is about to make lounging in the tub way more comfortable. Its thick foam surface uses seven suction cups to clamp onto the edge of your tub, so you won't have to worry about the padding slipping down. Plus, it's completely waterproof.

An Ice Cream Maker With Sprinkle Compartments

If you love homemade dessert (same), add this soft serve ice cream maker to your kitchen. It's really easy to use; just add your ingredients to the upper container and let it stir. The machine even features built-in topping compartments and a place to hold your cones.

The Himalayan Salt Lamps That Plug Into Your Outlets

These Himalayan salt plugs will set the mood in your home with subtle pinkish-yellow glows throughout your spaces. Unlike various other lamps, these are plugged directly into your outlets (just like standard night lights). Each one has an on-and-off switch that's easy to control whenever you need some extra shine.

This Glass Teapot With A Removable Infuser

This chic, transparent teapot is made with borosilicate glass and can be heated up on the stove or in the microwave. It also features a stainless steel infuser that's totally removable, along with a lid that can be used with or without the strainer in place. You can even clean it in the dishwasher after each use (just make sure it's on the top rack).

This LED Alarm Clock With 8 Different Color Options

Unlike standard alarm clocks that buzz relentlessly, this LED clock uses a combination of serene lighting and noises to get you up. Believe it or not, the LED light gets brighter and brighter before emitting sound, just like the rising sun. You can choose from eight different colors, depending on how you want to start your mornings.

A Bath Bomb Set With Over 5,000 5-Star Reviews

Take your relaxation time to the next level with this bath bomb set. The package includes a dozen bath bombs with different colors and scents (like Black Raspberry Vanilla, Lavender, Mango Papaya, and more). Some of them emit flower petals, and some emit sparkles — but they'll all help moisturize your skin.

This Bamboo Brush Set That's Made For Beards

Let's face it: Two-for-one haircare deals are hard to pass up, and this beard brush set doesn't disappoint. It includes two tools designed specifically for beard maintenance: one bamboo comb, and one bamboo brush. The brush itself has boar bristles to help refresh beards with every use — and you can use them with or without oil.

This Temporary Color You Comb Into Your Hair

By using these temporary hair color combs, you can get vibrant locks without the commitment that comes along with standard hair color. Each applier uses non-toxic chalk that adds bold hues to your 'do with every swipe. When you're ready to wash the color out, just use shampoo like you normally would.

This 50-Pack Of Colorful Velvet Scrunchies

In my opinion, it's always useful to have a set of multicolored scrunchies in your vanity. Thanks to this 50-pack, you can score a bulk order with tons of different shades. On top of being colorful, these scrunches are made with velvet for extra-smooth holds.

A Popular Moisturizer Made With Manuka Honey

Whether you want to hydrate your complexion or heal blemishes, this natural moisturizer is a good choice. It uses extra-soothing ingredients like manuka honey, aloe vera, shea butter, vitamins, and more to refresh your skin wherever you need it. The cream's even paraben- and fragrance-free — and it boasts well over 2,000 five-star reviews.

This Portable Shiatsu Massager That Emits Heat

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to get a shiatsu massage from the comfort of your own home. This portable electric massager has eight rotating knobs, ensuring a swoon-worthy experience. There's even a heat setting that you can turn on for added coziness, along with an automatic shut-off feature.

This Pack Of Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

If you're constantly looking for mixing bowls while you're cooking, add this stainless steel set to your kitchen. The bowls come in six different sizes that reach up to 8 quarts, and each one has rimmed edges. You can put them in the dishwasher for easy cleaning, and then stack them until you need them again.

The Containers With Customizable Chalkboard Stickers

These easy-to-stack, airtight storage containers are made with BPA-free plastic, and they're great for organizing snacks in the kitchen. They also come with a pack of stickers and a chalkboard marker so you can easily label your items.

These Reusable Silicone Storage Bags For Your Food

Instead of using plastic bags every time you need to store something in the fridge, opt for these reusable bags. They're made with BPA-free silicone, and they're leakproof. You can even put them in the microwave and refresh them in the dishwasher. One order comes with six colorful bags: two large ones, and four small ones.

A Memory Foam Dog Bed, Because They Deserve It

Give your pups the treatment they truly deserve with this memory foam dog bed. The plush cushion will help relieve soreness that they might be experiencing — and it comes with a lining that's water-resistant (so you won't have to worry about any accidents). The mat is offered in four colors and sizes that you can choose from, depending on the size of your dogs.

The Stainless Steel Travel Mugs With Extra Insulation

These extra-durable travel mugs are made with stainless steel and coated with powder that looks great and holds up. Plus, they're vacuum-insulated and use a layer of copper to help your drinks keep their proper temperatures for longer periods of time. These cups even have waterproof lids so you can sip on-the-go, and they're available in over 12 colors.

This Makeup Brush Kit That Comes With A Carrying Case

Instead of buying makeup brushes one-by-one, opt for this 24-piece set. The package has two dozen makeup brushes with various different uses, including blush brushes, concealer brushes, eyebrow brushes, and more. Plus, they all come in a carrying case for easy travel. For less than $10, it's a total steal.

An Essential Oil Diffuser With A Colorful LED Light

Up the serene vibes in your home with this gorgeous essential oil diffuser. It has a wooden finish and can emit your favorite scents for up to six hours (depending on which setting you're using it on). The device even features a calming LED light that can shine 14 different colors.

The Hanging Jewelry Organizer With 2 Sides

This hanging jewelry organizer is simple and chic — and it can keep your most prized accessories in one place. The organizer has two sides: one with clear pouches for your rings and earrings, and one side with loops where you can hang your necklaces and bracelets. Slip a hanger underneath the fabric flap and store it in your closet.

These Battery-Powered Candles That Actually Flicker

These battery-powered candles offer the charming look of real candles, flickers and all. They come in glossy containers for added shine, and they can be controlled with a remote. These candles will even shut off by themselves if you leave them on for five hours straight.

The Silky Pajamas That You'll Want To Cuddle In

I love cozying up with a pair of silky pajamas — and if you do, too, check out this ultra-smooth set. It's made with satin and comes with a long-sleeved shirt and ankle-length pants. The pants feature an elastic waistband for added comfort while you chill, and the top has a pocket that can fit your phone. Choose from 10 different shades (or add all of them to your pajamas drawer).

  • Available sizes: XS - XXXL
A Rechargeable Massager With 5 Attachments

Sometimes, scoring a professional massage just isn't in the cards. However, thanks to this handheld massager, you can relieve knots and pains right from home. The rechargeable device has not one — but five — different massage attachments that range from rounded heads to curved heads. It's cordless, too. Just charge it up and start using it.

This Cupping Therapy Set Made With Flexible Silicone

With the help of these suction cups, you can partake in cupping therapy whenever you want to. They're made with flexible silicone that's super easy to work with — and once they're in place, they'll help reduce pain and tension. Plus, they come in a case that you can take with you while you're on-the-go.

This 2-For-1 Acupressure Set With A Pillow And A Mat

Lay back and relax with this two-for-one acupressure set. It comes with a pillow and a mat — and both are covered in tiny plastic spikes that apply pressure to certain areas on your body to help energize you. The outer layer can even be cleaned in the washing machine so it's extra-fresh for your next session.

These Measuring Cups Shaped Like A Mason Jar

Usually, measuring cups are dull and stacked in plastic piles on the counter — but that's not the case with this vintage-looking set. These ceramic cups are sculpted to look like a mason jar when they're in place. There are four cups in the stack, with the largest one measuring 1-cup.

This Flexible Phone Stand With Backlighting

This flexible phone stand has two functions: It can hold your phone, and it can shine light on you while you take selfies or videos. You can clip the stand onto various surfaces — and once it's in place, you can adjust the flexible arm to get the perfect angle for your footage. Choose from three lighting shades: white, yellow, and a blend of the two.

An Electric S'mores Maker For Your Kitchen

You can make campfire-worthy s'mores right in your kitchen with this stainless steel s'mores maker. The appliances uses electricity to heat your 'mallows, and it has compartments designated for your chocolate and graham crackers. Plus, the kit comes with two forks so you can make s'mores with your family and friends (even if you have to take turns using them).

A Cold Brew Coffee Maker With An Easy-To-Pour Lid

If you're hopping on the mason jar trend, add this cold brew maker to your fridge. The glass container uses a stainless steel filter that can be filled with coffee grounds to make cold brew overnight. Just add your favorite flavor and let it sit until it's ready. Then, pour your brew through the lid and into your cup.

This Bracelet That You Can Add Essential Oils To

Not only are these bracelets fashionable, but they're also capable of absorbing your favorite essential oils. Each one has a leather strap that's attached to an intricate stainless steel plate. The plate secures an absorbent pad that you can drop your go-to oils onto. That way, you can enjoy aromatherapy whenever you want to.

A Trifold Vanity Mirror For The Front Seat

Putting makeup on in the car is about to be easier than ever, all thanks to this trifold vanity mirror. It uses Velcro to attach to the visor in your front seat — and once it's in place, its three mirrors will unfold so you can get a closer look at what you're doing.

A Car Power Inverter So You Can Charge Anything On-The-Go

Charging on-the-go can be tough if you don't have the right tech at hand, but this car power adapter makes it totally possible. The miniature device has four USB cords and two sockets for standard plugs. Just plug it into your cigarette lighter and turn the power button on. Then, you'll be able to power your devices without a problem.

A Bluetooth Speaker That Suctions To Your Shower

Jamming out in the shower is easier than ever with this SoundBot Bluetooth speaker. It's totally water-resistant and has a suction cup attached for easy placement in your bathing area. The speaker itself also has various built-in controls and a microphone. It even comes in six different colors including blue, green, yellow, pink, black, and white.

This Memory Foam Pillow Lined With Cooling Gel

This pillow is perfect for anyone who likes staying chilly while they're sleeping at night. That's because it's lined with cooling gel to keep the plush surface from getting too steamy. The cushion itself is also grooved in an ergonomic way to help improve spinal alignment. Plus, it's made with super plush memory foam.

These Food Dispensers For Your Cereal

To keep your favorite cereals from going bad in open boxes on your shelves, add this food dispenser to your countertop. It comes with two large, 1-gallon containers that you can fill to the brim with your go-to snacks. Whenever you're hungry, put a bowl at the bottom and start twisting the knobs.

The Hand Warmers That Can Also Charge Your Phone

This pea-shaped device by Zippo is basically a package deal. It acts as a hand warmer with five different settings — but it also acts as a phone charger. I'm not kidding: This miniature heater can be connected to various devices via USB and charge them as needed. It even has tiny lights that tell you how much power is left so you can charge it back up whenever you need to.

This Foot Spa With Built-In Massage Rollers

This decked-out foot bath is here to give you the ultimate spa experience, warm water and all. The machine uses rumbling bubbles and massage rollers to help enhance relaxation. Plus, there are temperature controls on the front-facing display screen so you can customize how steamy your bath is.

These 24-Karat Gold Face Massagers

Mix up your skincare routine with these 24-karat gold face massagers. One is T-shaped, and the other is topped with a 3-D design. They both, however, vibrate when you use them and can help increase blood circulation within your complexion. Apparently, these waterproof gems can even help reduce the appearance of dark circles.

This Mini Blender That Works As A Travel Mug

Thanks to this mini blender by Hamilton Beach, you won't have to carry around an extra smoothie container while you're on-the-go. Instead, you'll be able to sip from the same cup that your smoothie was blended in, all thanks to its lid. The container itself is also BPA-free, and you can rinse it off in the dishwasher.

A Curling Iron That Does The Work For You

This unique curling iron is totally different from the rest, because it doesn't require wrapping your hair around a warm barrel. Instead, the device draws pieces of your hair into a heated compartment and curls it for you. Then, it releases freshly-curled locks that look extra-shiny — and reviewers say it doesn't tangle or pull your hair.

This Battery-Powered Makeup Brush Cleaning Kit

This makeup brush cleaning kit will help you refresh your brushes in a matter of minutes. It comes with a battery-powered grip, multiple sizing attachments, and a plastic container. To wash your brushes, attach them to the grip one-by-one, and then spin them in soapy water. After, lift them above the water and spin them until they're dry.

A Heater That Doubles As A Fan

This heater isn't only a heater; it's also a fan that'll help keep you chill whenever you need some cool air. In other words, it can be used all year long (regardless of which season it is). Similar to other fans, you can adjust its airflow direction. However, if this one is knocked over, the heater will automatically turn off.

This Cozy Headband With Built-In Bluetooth Headphones

Thanks to this Bluetooth headband, you'll be able to listen to music in total comfort. It's made with a breathable blend of cotton and polyester, and works by securing two wireless headphones into place within the fabric. Whether you use them during naps, yoga, or jogs, you'll be extra-cozy (and listening to your favorite songs).

A Bag Made Just For Your Yoga Mat

Instead of shoving your gym essentials into one bag and throwing your yoga mat into another, combine everything with this yoga mat bag. It features a large compartment for your mat along with two smaller compartments for your belongings (like your phone and keys). It's available in four different designs that showcase beautiful details.

A Tool Set That Comes With A Portable Carrying Case

It's always a good idea to have a spare tool set in the house for minor fixes, and this portable kit is a great option. It comes with over a dozen tools, including levels, tape measures, screwdrivers, and more. And thanks to the compact carrying case that they come in, you can keep them all safely in one place.

59.This Cozy Comforter With Over 9,000 Positive Reviews

If you've been wanting to add a down comforter to your sheet set — but you don't exactly want to spend a ton of money on one — this blanket is a great option. Instead of down feathers, it's filled with fluffy microfiber. It's also made with a quilted design and is offered in seven colors that are all reversible.

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