These 50 Products Are The Most Clever Things Trending On Amazon Now

Not all products are cool enough to become trendsetters. There's a good chance you've never seen an ordinary blender trending — but a personal blender that also cuts down on mess? Now that's something to get excited about. This list features some of the most clever things trending on Amazon now. If you're someone who loves to be in the know (and who gets a kick out of sharing the wealth with friends and family) these are the hot items that will get everyone talking (and shopping).

You'll find a little something for everybody on this list of brilliant products. Searching for an inexpensive way to update your home? Then you'll definitely want to check out the smart plugs and light bulbs that work with voice commands and can save you major money when you set them to schedules via an app. Or maybe you're tired of your feet growing sweaty inside of your ballet flats? The ballet-inspired breathable, no-show socks on this list are pretty much calling your name.

From savvy tech products like extra-long lightning cables to an alarm clock that mimics natural sunlight and provides the calmest wake-up call, these are the clever products that satisfy every one of your shopping needs.

The Smart Plugs That Let You Control Your Devices Using Voice Commands

If you're looking for an inexpensive way to control appliances and devices in your home, these smart plugs are a great money-saving option. Pair them with Google Home, Alexa Echo, or IFTTT and they allow you to turn devices on and off using voice commands. You can even create customized schedules and set appliances and lights to a timer so that your coffee begins brewing the minute your alarm goes off.

A Desk Lamp With A Built-In USB Port So You Can Charge Your Phone

Not only is this desk lamp designed with super-bright LED bulbs that have a lifetime of up to 10,000 hours, but it also has a built-in USB port that allows you to multitask and easily charge your devices while you read and work. The sleek lamp features five colors, five brightness levels, and a total of 25 light modes.

The Markers That Repair Furniture And Wood Scuffs And Dings

Repairing dinged and scuffed furniture and wooden floors can be expensive, so save yourself tons of time and money by using these furniture markers instead. Each set comes with six felt tip markers and six wax stick crayons in various furniture and wood shades, including maple, oak, cherry, and walnut. One Amazon reviewer writes: "We had a couple of deep scratches in our furniture and I found the crayons made them much less noticeable."

A Pack Of Lengthy Lightning Cables That Provide Freedom Of Movement

If you want to use your phone while it powers up, you're out of luck when it comes to most charging cables — which leave you confined to an outlet. But these 6-foot lightning cables provide incredible freedom of movement. The cables are braided with extra-durable nylon to help prevent wear and tear, so you can expect them to stand the test of time.

The Lock That Lets You Set Your Own Combination

Have trouble remembering the combination to your lock? Not a problem, as this master lock lets you choose your own numbers so you can easily recall them. The indoor/outdoor padlock is designed from super-hard steel for added durability, and it works great at the gym, on school lockers, or even on an outdoor gate.

This Multitasking Power Cube That You Can Mount To A Wall

Bulky plugs can block the outlets on regular power strips, which is why this compact power strip, shaped like a cube, is such a multitasking dynamo. Conveniently designed with a total of three outlets and three built-in USB ports, it allows you to power up a number of devices and appliances at the same time. And instead of hogging up valuable outlet space, you can mount the strip to a desk or wall using screws or glue.

The Alarm Clock That Gently Wakes You Up Like A Sunrise

Regular alarm clocks jolt you awake, leaving you feeling groggy and tired. This sunrise alarm clock, on the other hand, increases in brightness prior to your alarm so that you gently wake up to light that mimics a sunrise. The clock also features seven color-changing lights, 20 adjustable brightness settings, and seven alarm sounds like ocean waves and piano music.

A Wallet That Helps Protect Your Information From Electronic Pickpockets

Available in more than 25 gorgeous colors, this RFID-blocking wallet is a must-have item if you ever plan on traveling. Unlike regular wallets, this one blocks RFID signals so that electronic pickpockets can't steal your sensitive credit card information. The slim wallet features 18 card slots and two zippered pockets that keep cash, cards, and coins secure.

The Yoga Socks With Non-Slip Grips That Keep You On Your Mat

Keep your feet firmly planted on your yoga mat during even the most difficult poses when you wear these yoga socks, which have a sweet design inspired by ballet slippers. The low-cut cotton socks wick away moisture and feature silicone grips along the bottom that prevent you from slipping and sliding. One Amazon reviewer raves: "the grip is fantastic for lounging around the house OR yoga!"

These Blue Light-Blocking Glasses That Reduce Eye Strain

If your eyes hurt after a long day of staring at a computer screen, these are the blue-light blocking glasses that can help. Blue light can cause eye strain, fatigue, and even headaches and these glasses, available in a number of fun colors and prints like leopard, reduce glare and block blue light so that you can work comfortably.

The Luggage Scale That Saves You From Paying Hefty Airport Fees

Skip the oversize luggage fees at the airport — when you use this luggage scale you can discover how much your suitcase weighs before you even leave the house. The scale can weigh up to 110 pounds, easily switches between kilos and pounds, and its oversize LCD digital screen is a breeze to read.

An Insulated Tumbler For Coffee That Stays Hot For Hours

Whether you love to linger over your morning cup of coffee or need a travel mug that can keep drinks cold for hours, this double-walled vacuum insulated tumbler maintains the temp of hot beverages for up to four hours and keeps cold drinks chilled for up to 14 hours. Designed with a leakproof lid to help avoid accidental spills, the 18-ounce tumbler, which is dishwasher safe and also available in 24 ounces, is made from rust-resistant stainless steel and fits in most car cup holders.

These No-Show Socks That Finally Make Heels And Flats Comfortable

Tired of dealing with blisters and sweaty feet in flats and heels? These no-show socks slip undetected under shoes and boast non-slip rubber strips along the heel that prevent them from sliding down throughout the day. The moisture-wicking socks come in money-saving packs of four to eight pairs in shades like beige, black, and grey.

A Gel That Removes Dust And Debris From Your Keyboard

It's pretty much impossible to get crumbs out from between the keys of your computer keyboard, but this gel keyboard cleaner has it all figured out. The reusable, gentle gel instantly lifts up dirt and debris from keyboards, air vents, cameras, and printers. The cleaner leaves a light and fresh lemon scent behind and can be reused until it turns dark, at which point you can replace it and start over.

The Vacuum-Insulated Thermos That's Perfect For Hot Lunches

Bring chili, soup, stew, or macaroni and cheese into the office for lunch in this vacuum-insulated lunch thermos, which keeps hot foods and liquids hot for up to seven hours and cold foods chilly for up to nine hours. The 16-ounce food jar comes with a stainless steel serving bowl and a stainless steel spoon that folds in half and can be stored on top of the lid.

This Breathable Weighted Blanket That Feels Like A Hug

Bust stress and anxiety and get a better night's sleep with this weighted blanket, which feels like a comforting hug. Made from super-breathable cotton that won't leave you feeling hot and sweaty, the blanket comes in weights that range from 5 to 30 pounds and a choice of 21 colors and prints like magnolia blossoms and geometric shapes.

The Deodorizing Bamboo Charcoal Bag That Naturally Neutralizes Odors

Whether you have a musty closet, sweaty sneakers, or your bathroom is a little too damp, this deodorizing bag can handle all potential sources of odors. It's made from eco-friendly bamboo charcoal that absorbs excess moisture and unwanted odors naturally, without a single added fragrance or chemical. The compact bag is also reusable — just leave it in direct sunlight for about an hour anytime it needs to be "recharged" and you're good to go.

A Bento-Style Container With Compartments & A Salad Bowl

Lunchtime will feel like a buffet feast when you use this bento lunch container, which features three separate compartments, a large salad bowl, and a sauce container that keeps veggies from getting soggy. Not only does each dishwasher-friendly container come with a reusable travel fork and an air-tight lid that preserves the freshness of your food, but you can choose from eight fun colors like blush and purple.

The Fabric Shaver That Brings Sweaters Back To Life

Keep your sweaters and furniture looking as fresh as the day you bought them with this battery-operated fabric shaver. The shaver has stainless steel blades that nip away at lint, fuzz, and pilling and are designed to work on practically any type of fabric or upholstery. Pop in two AA batteries and it's ready to go.

A Versatile Steam Mop That Works On A Variety Of Floor Types

Not only can this versatile steam mop run for up to 25 continuous minutes when the water reservoir is full, but it safely and effectively deep cleans a number of different floor types that range from hardwood and kitchen tile to carpet. The lightweight mop heats up in 30 seconds, kills 99.9 percent of germs (and is especially helpful if you have pets), and features three adjustable steam modes.

The Budget-Savvy Smart Light Bulb That's Compatible With Alexa

Simply pair it with Alexa, Echo, or Google Home, and you'll instantly be able to control this smart light bulb using voice commands. Set the mood in your home by choosing among 16 million colors and adjustable brightness settings. The bulb is also incredibly energy-efficient, boasting a lifetime of approximately 35,000 hours.

This Trio Of Containers That Keep Produce Fresher For Longer

Throwing out spoiled produce is an easy way to waste money, whereas using these produce saver containers is an even easier way to save money. The trio of containers are designed with crisping trays that help draw moisture away from your produce and top vents that regulate the flow of oxygen to help your veggies stay fresh. The set includes one 6.3-ounce cup and two larger 17.3-ounce cups with lids.

The Strap For Performing Deep Stretches Without A Partner

Made from super-durable nylon, this stretching strap lets you do those extra-deep stretches without help from a partner. The strap has 10 individual loops that give you more control over the intensity of your stretch and it's great for both physical therapy and warming up your muscles before and after workouts.

An Acne Patch That Heals Zits Overnight

Sometimes you just can't help but pick at a fresh blemish, which spreads bacteria and makes matters worse. Protect your skin and help zits heal faster with these acne patches. The hydrocolloid dressing absorbs toxins from your blemishes in order to reduce inflammation, plus they're completely transparent so that they'll blend in with any skin tone. Each pack comes with 108 patches in two sizes.

The Personal Blender That Saves You Time On Busy Mornings

Don't skip meals on busy mornings — instead, blend a smoothie in this personal blender on your way out the door. This compact appliance blends fruits, veggies, and yogurt directly inside of a convenient 14-ounce jar that doubles as a to-go cup. The blender comes in five colors and includes a lid that has a spout for mess-free sipping during your commute to work.

A Universal Car Mount That'll Fit Pretty Much Any Smartphone

Distracted driving is never safe, so use your smartphone hands-free with this universal car mount. The mount clips onto vents with ease and provides 360 degree rotation so that you can always find the best viewing angle while following your GPS. And the best part: it's designed to fit nearly any type of smartphone — the only exception is the Pixel 5.

An Eco-Friendly Set Of Wool Dryer Balls Free Of Chemicals

Regular dryer sheets can contain harmful synthetic chemicals, whereas these dryer balls have just one ingredient — premium New Zealand wool. With zero added chemicals or synthetic materials, they're great for people with sensitive skin and safer around pets and children. You won't need to use fabric softener if you toss these in with your laundry AND they aerate your clothes while they tumble so that they dry quicker.

A Cream That Can Help Fortify Chipped, Brittle Nails

It can be difficult to repair chipped, cracked nails, so why not give this nail strengthening cream a try? The cuticle and hand cream is formulated with nourishing jojoba oil, as well as calcium and other vitamins, plus the lightweight coconut scent leaves your hands smelling fresh. You can use it to help fortify damaged nails, as well as prevent further cracks in the future.

The Wood Polish That Helps Prevent Your Furniture From Fading

If your hardwood floors and wood furniture are looking a little worse for wear, use this wood polish and get them glowing again. The wood conditioner is formulated with a mix of carnauba and beeswax that forms a protective coating on your floors in order to prevent further scuffing, plus it leaves your furniture looking refreshed and shiny.

A Convenient 3-Sided Wall Charger With An Optional Night Light

Tired of hunting around for a power brick when your phone needs a charge? Then make sure you grab this multitasking wall charger designed with three sides that feature a total of six outlets and two USB ports. It even boasts an optional built-in LED nightlight that features a dusk-to-dawn sensor and adjustable brightness settings.

The Hair Dryer That Gives Life To Limp, Flat Roots

Simply curl this hair dryer brush in towards your roots, and the hot air will quickly give them some volume. The bristles are made from heat-resistant nylon that won't transfer heat to your scalp, and the heating plates are coated in ceramic to help infuse your hair with shine.

A Charging Station That Helps You Keep Your Devices Tidy

Made from eco-friendly bamboo, this charging station makes it easy to keep your devices looking neat and tidy while they're powering up. It's designed with slots that easily accommodate your tablets, smartphones, AirPods, and more, plus each order also comes with five charging cables: three lightning, one micro-USB, and one type-C.

The Outlet Shelf That Can Hold Up To 15 Pounds

Can't find a good place to put your Alexa or Google Home? Just install this outlet shelf in lieu of your regular cover, and it instantly turns any outlet into a convenient perch for your devices. It's also a great place to rest your phone while it's charging, and it's so sturdy that it can even hold up to 15 pounds.

An Adult Game That Gets Everybody At The Party Talking

If you're looking for a fun game that'll get everybody at the party talking, search no further than Incohearant. The rules are simple: a rotating judge flips over a card so that only they can see what it says. The other side of the card that everybody else can see, however, has an "incohearant" phrase that they have to decode before the timer runs out — whoever figures it out fastest wins the round.

The Silverware Organizer That Helps Save You Space

Unlike most silverware organizers that fill up an entire drawer, this one has a space-saving design that's perfect for cramped kitchens with limited storage space. Each slot is labeled with utensil icons so that it's easy to stay organized, and many Amazon reviewers raved about how much space it opened up in their drawers.

A Device That Lets You Whip Up Deliciously Frothed Milk

Perfect for tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and more, this milk frother is practically a must-have for anyone who enjoys deliciously frothed milk in their drinks. It runs at a near-silent level so that you can easily use it at the office, and the whisk is made from premium stainless steel.

The Reusable Produce Bags That Come With 3 Different Sizes

Not only do you get five small, five medium, and five large bags with each order, but these reusable produce bags also have tags denoting their tare weight for added convenience. They're made from durable mesh that won't tear under heavy loads, and each one is completely BPA-free.

A Pack Of Silicone Cups That Let You Poach Eggs In The Microwave

Not only can you use them to poach eggs in the microwave, but these egg poaching cups can also be used to poach eggs on your stovetop — no vinegar necessary. They're made from antibacterial silicone that won't melt when exposed to high temperatures, plus you can also use them to melt chocolate.

The Silicone Lids That Stretch To Fit Your Bowls And Containers

Instead of rummaging through that one cabinet that's overflowing with mismatched lids, just downsize to these ones. Each order comes with 14 lids in varying sizes, and they're made from durable silicone that you can stretch to fit bowls, pots, jars, and containers. They create a snug seal that helps keep your food fresh, plus they're completely BPA-free.

A Drain Cover That Lets You Add Inches To Your Bathwater

Wanna take a deeper bath? Just pop this cover on top of your overflow drain, and you'll instantly be able to add extra inches of water to your bath. It's made from non-porous silicone that's mildew-resistant, plus it easily adheres to the side of your tub using super-strong suction cups.

The Adjustable Rolling Pin Made From Solid Beech Wood

Great for thick pizza doughs as well as thin sheets of pastry, this rolling pin has removable rings on both ends that allow you to adjust how thick your dough rolls out. It's made from solid beech wood that's extra-durable, and the plastic rings feature measurement markings for added precision.

A Brush That Helps Keep Your Hands Safe While Cleaning Knives

If you have a habit of accidentally cutting yourself while cleaning knives, just use this brush to help keep your fingers safe. The wrap-around design allows you to clean both sides of your knives at the same time, and the exterior is textured to help you maintain a firm grip.

The Orthopedic Knee Pillow That Won't Fall Flat Over Time

Filled with super-soft memory foam that won't collapse over time, this orthopedic knee pillow is an easy way to help alleviate back pain, or even pain from sciatica. Just pop it between your knees before you go to bed, and it can help keep your spine properly aligned while you snooze.

A Memory Foam Pillow Made With Cooling Gel

Memory foam pillows can leave you feeling hot and sweaty at night — but not this one. It's made with cooling gel that helps regulate your body temperature while you snooze, plus it's super-breathable for added airflow. The cover is hypoallergenic, as well as removable for easy washing.

The Journal That Helps You Set Daily, Weekly, And Monthly Goals

With dedicated spaces where you can plan out your daily, weekly, and monthly goals, this planner is a great option for anyone trying to plan for the future. The pages aren't dated so that you can use it no matter what month or year it is, plus there are also motivational quotes littered throughout to help give you that extra push.

An Over-The-Door Caddy That Holds Your Iron And Board

Ironing boards take up a ton of space in closets, so grab this over-the-door caddy and open yourself up some square footage. It's able to hold both your iron and your ironing board, plus you can even mount it to a wall if you'd prefer that to hanging it over your door.

The Kitchen Scale That Folds Down For Easy Storage

Most kitchen scales are bulky, whereas this one takes up hardly any space at all since you can fold it up once you're done using it. The LCD screen is large so that it's easy to read, and the automatic shut-off feature helps preserve the battery.

A Personal Alarm That Can Help People Find You In An Emergency

Not only is the included battery good for up to one year, but this personal alarm is also made from high-quality ABS plastic. It's so loud that it can be heard from over 500 feet away, plus it easily slides onto your keychain so that you can have it with you at all times — just in case.

The Bracelets That Help You Stay Connected In Long-Distance Relationships

It's not always easy being in a long-distance relationship, but these bond bracelets can help at least a little bit. Whenever you touch your bracelet your partner will feel your "touch" from their own bracelet, and the rechargeable battery can last for up to four days.

An Insulated Beer Growler That Helps Keep Your Brew Chilled

The next time you want to bring a fresh batch of brew to a party, make sure you use this beer growler to transport it. The medical-grade stainless steel interior won't leave any metallic aftertastes in your beer, and the pressure-locking clasp creates a leakproof seal. But the best part? It's also vacuum-insulated, which means that cold drinks can stay chilled for over 24 hours, whereas hot drinks stay warm for up to 12 hours.

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