These Are The Best Snapchat Lens Halloween Costumes For 2018

While Halloween always brings out the usual suspects when it comes time to get creative in the costume department, nothing gives my social media-loving self as much happiness as a Halloween disguise that pays homage to your online platform of choice. Instead of spending your hard-earned money on a pre-made costume that, let's be real, seven other people will also be wearing, dressing up as a Snapchat Lens is surprisingly easy to DIY as a last-minute idea, totally creative, and instantly recognizable by everyone. The best part? With these 5 best Snapchat Lens Halloween costumes, you can let your makeup and accessories do the talking, and wear whatever you want with it, whether that's your usual office attire or your favorite LBD.

When you think of Snapchats' lenses, there are a few now-iconic choices that have stood the test of the app's ever-changing Lens carousel and made it out as the most recognizable looks available. Today's pop culture references wouldn't be complete without the basic AF Snapchat flower crown Lens or the Lens that makes it look like you're a throwing up rainbows, so here's how you can pay homage to your favorite looks and be the most on-trend person at any party with the purchase of only a few key items.

Butterfly Lens

Monarch Butterfly Wings ($8.99 on Amazon), Double Row Butterfly Headband ($9.99 on Amazon), Gold Glitter Eyeshadow ($2.50 on Amazon)


Snapchat's butterfly Lens might just be the most recognizable Lens for imbuing its users with a heavenly, undeniably flattering glow, and you can achieve the same effects by clipping a pair of yellow or gold butterfly wings to your outfit of choice and jazzing things up with a gold butterfly headband and some gold eyeshadow to really bring the Lens home. For a hilarious couple's or friends' costume idea, try a #NoFilter and #Filter version.

Flower Crown

Flower Crown Headband ($13.99 on Amazon), e.l.f. High Definition Powder Sheer ($6.00 on Amazon), L.A. Girl Pro Coverage Liquid Foundation ($6.98 on Amazon)

Snapchat/Kim Kardashian West

When it comes to Lenses, few pull at a basic Betty's heartstrings quite like the ubiquitous flower crown, which gives everyone a pretty "I woke up like this" glow. This look is all about the flawless skin, so grab a flower crown, some HD makeup, your favorite fall outfit (and a PSL for the road), and you're good to go.

Rainbow Tongue Lens

Selfie Character Kit ($9.99 on


Take a leaf from J.Lo's book and channel a unicorn throwing up rainbows, because, why not? You can buy a pre-made kit for less than $10 from Walmart, which makes this the perfect last-minute costume idea. Add a swipe of shiny pink lipgloss and a pink fuzzy sweater to the accessories, and your magical transformation is complete.

Panda Lens

Covergirl Onyx Eyeshadow ($2.00 on Amazon), Plush Panda Bear Headband Ears and Tail Costume Set ($11.99 on Amazon), Mehron Makeup Clown White Lite Professional Makeup ($11.14 on Amazon), White Flower Hair Clips ($8.99 on Amazon)


Recreating Snapchat's panda Lens takes some skill in the makeup department, so I'd take that into consideration before you attempt it. In order to achieve symmetrical black eye patches, I'd draw the outline first before filling them in (you can always cover up the mistakes with the white face paint afterwards). Next, you can color the bottom of your nose and fill in your top lip with black eyeshadow and a touch of lip balm, then add the white paint to complete your panda transformation. A panda headband decked out with white flowers will alert your friends that you're paying homage to the Snapchat Lens, not just the animal.

Dog Lens

Pooch Filter Selfie Kit ($14.99 on

Snapchat/Kylie Jenner

Let's be real, a list of the most iconic Snapchat Lens costumes wouldn't be complete without the OG dog face. You can purchase a pre-made kit (complete with the wagging dog tongue) on, which makes this one of the easiest options if you're in the market for a last-minute disguise on Halloween night. Bonus points if you choose to channel one of the Kardashians — who are notorious for using the Lens — as your costume.

With just a few hours to go until the spookiest night of the year commences, you can rest assured knowing that you have a few trendy costume ideas on standby that you can put together in a flash. Whether you're feeling like getting seriously glowy with the butterfly Lens or bravely attempting the panda makeover, you can walk into any party knowing you'll probably be sporting one of the most on-trend disguises there.