These 4 Zodiac Signs Are Most Likely To Overthink Everything, So Stop Stressing Yourself Out

You know the drill. One bad thought enters your mind and then it snowballs into another one. Your head is now full of negative ideas and they're just bounding off of each other and gaining strength. Soon, you're in a totally dark place of your own creation, all thanks to how trapped you feel in your head. If any of this sounds familiar, then it probably makes sense that these zodiac signs are most likely to overthink everything: Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces. If any of the following zodiac signs fall under your sun, moon, or Mercury, then you know how bad your thoughts can get.

If only the world understood how bad your anxiety is, right? Unfortunately, it's just you in your own little world of make belief drama that you've invented all by yourself. However, there is a bright side. If you're capable of thinking yourself into a corner, you're just as capable of thinking yourself to freedom. Easier said than done, right? No, but seriously. The following zodiac signs have some immensely powerful thoughts, and if you go out of your way to set a positive intention and force yourself to think good things and take time to write down everything you're grateful for, those thoughts of yours will change. Trust in the universe.

Gemini: Their Mind Is Always Racing With Stressful Thoughts

If you've got Gemini placements, then I have to say, if only people knew what you were going through. Your mind runs at 100 miles per hour and it's never easy to control the speed at which they travel. You're constantly asking yourself "what if?" and although it makes you a super creative thinker, that creativity can land you in a whole lot of trouble. One minute, everything's totally fine, and then your stream of consciousness turns into a rushing storm of paranoid thoughts. Make it stop! If only it were that simple.

Virgo: They Nitpick And Overanalyze

Why is it so hard for you to just take a good look at the big picture and stop dissecting every little detail, Virgo? While you're an incredibly intelligent thinker, nothing gets past you, not even things that aren't truly there. You can pull apart what's actually a good thing until all you can see are flaws. Even if there's just one itty bitty flaw, you'll give that flaw so much power that it overcomes every other thing about your situation that's actually positive. Can't you give it a rest? Not usually.

Capricorn: They're Always Worried About Things Going Wrong

It's hard for you to settle for something, Capricorn, which is why you're constantly thinking about how things could have gone better. You know this is unrealistic and you get that your expectations are way too high, but you just can't help but overthink about overachieving. What if it's as good as it's gonna get? I mean, perfection is impossible to achieve. You'd probably be more successful if you stopped ruminating over every single mistake you made. You're already doing a great job, Capricorn. Pat yourself on the back for a change.

Pisces: They're Always Making Things Seem Worse In Their Head

If there was an award for irrational thinking, you would win in a landslide, Pisces. You seem to always have skewed thinking, especially when it comes to yourself and the world around you. It's easy for bad things seem good and good things to seem bad, so if only people knew what kind of thoughts you were having. It might explain why you look so spaced out all the time. It's important that you stay grounded and you focus on the facts rather than the stories you've conjured up in your head. Remember, a lot of that isn't true.