These 3 Signs Will Have The Worst Luck During March's Mercury Retrograde

by Valerie Mesa

I'm starting to think people carry a Mercury retrograde chip on their shoulder, considering the amount of "retrograde" astro merch, and ridiculously negative — and false — advertising taking place via social media. Speaking of which, these three zodiac signs will have the worst Mercury retrograde March 2019, and I wouldn't doubt if they're already expecting the absolute worst: Gemini, Leo, and Sagittarius. No offense, my fellow stargazers. By all means, I, too, have experienced the negative effects of mischievous Mercury, but instead of solely absorbing the dark side of this notorious transit, why not do some research?

Yes, I am totally foreshadowing the worst case scenario of this upcoming retrograde cycle; however, I'm here to give you a new game plan, and hopefully, an entirely new perspective on Mercury retrograde. I may or may not have said this before, but I am so done with the exaggerated warnings, and horrific expectations. I mean, who wouldn't freak out after reading their retrograde horoscope? IDK if you agree with me here, but the word retrograde already has a terrible rep. It's no wonder people expect the absolute worst, and in turn, make it part of their reality.

Granted, I'm not Ghandi, but our beliefs ultimately become a part of our destiny, so let's turn our thoughts on this astrological phenomena around. With that said, instead of focusing on the technology glitches, misunderstandings, and "possible" encounters with people from your past, remember to do the following: reflect, re-assess, and re-evaluate. Nothing more; nothing less. Remember, Mercury the messenger slows down for a reason, so we should definitely take advantage of its retrograde spells, as strange as this may sound. Hint: where is Pisces located on your birth chart? If you want to be more specific, find were 29 degrees Pisces is located on your birth chart. This is where you will be given an opportunity to review, and reflect.

In the meantime, however, here's what's in store for the signs mentioned above:

Gemini: You're Re-Assessing Your Life Mission

Are you happy with your professional life, Gemini? If you are, then wonderful, although, this retro cycle will likely have you reflecting on your career choices, current status, and reputation in the world. Something else I have to point out is, you may or may not run into some petty misunderstandings with an authority figure, or superior in the workplace. Nothing is coincidence, so don't dismiss any of the conversations that take place during this time. Granted, this could have you feeling somewhat frustrated, but if you do the work, you will see results once Mercury goes direct on Mar. 28.

Leo: You're Re-Evaluating Your Shared Resources

Are you getting what you deserve in your intimate relationships, Leo? Don't get me wrong; this could very well be the other way around, so let me reiterate the question: Are you giving as much as you're getting? For the record, this could be in regards to your sex life, or joint finances, so do the math. Also, for those of you renewing your insurance, signing contracts, or making a joint investment, this is not a good time to do so. In fact, you may have some paperwork to revise or organize, before you move forward. Besides, that's what Mercury retrograde is for, right? Be patient, Leo.

Sagittarius: You're Reflecting On Your Sense Of Security

Home is where the heart is, Sagittarius. Trust me, I know home for you can be wherever you lie your head, but in the end, your loved ones are everything. Speaking of which, does home feel like home as of late? Does your living space align with your current needs? This is a good time to organize and, perhaps, re-decorate your humble abode. On another note, however, you could run into some conflict with a relative or sibling during this time, so try your best to avoid the drama. This retro cycle is for re-visiting your childhood, roots, and sense of security. Say your peace, and move on.