If You're Any Of These 3 Signs, You'll Probably Stay Inside During This Month's Full Virgo Moon

There's a powerful full moon in Virgo this month, and I'm more than ready to indulge in its earthly delights. However, that's not the case for everyone, as these three zodiac signs will have the worst full moon in Virgo 2019: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius (but in the end, everything is about perspective). There's a pattern here, and sadly, our loquacious air sign family won't be too thrilled during this month's lunation. TBH, it really is common sense at the EOD with the elements in astrology. For instance, fire isn't compatible with water's fluidity, and air isn't very fond of earth's heavy stillness. Make sense?

I know this sounds silly, but getting to know the elements of each sign while acknowledging your "mood swings" throughout the zodiac wheel is highly suggested. For the record, I'm not asking that you stop your life, according to the astrological seasons, because that's a step away from paranoia, and astrology isn't supposed to be about that. On the contrary, the term "there's a time and a place for everything," truly goes hand in hand with the astrological calendar, and it's important to surrender to Mother Nature's seasonal temperament, along with the celestial energies at hand. The spiral never ends.

Speaking of moods, the full moon will be taking place on Feb. 19 in the scrupulous sign of Virgo. BTW, this full moon is a culmination of the new moon that took place in September 2018. Remember, the energy of Virgo thrives off organization, being of service, and productivity. That being said, knowing where Virgo is located on your birth chart could help you determine the effects of this full moon. For instance, if you're a Leo rising, then Virgo (likely) rules your second house of income and self-worth. If so, how have you organized your finances, and perhaps spending habits, since September of last year?

If you're a Scorpio rising, on the other hand, then Virgo (likely) rules your eleventh house of technology, friendship groups, and extended community. That being said, how have you been of service to society, and the rest of the world, throughout the past six months? What has changed in regards to your tribe, inner rebel, and humanitarian since? See where I'm going with all of this? If interested, you can take a closer look at your birth chart, and the effects of this lunation here. Remember, we all have Virgo somewhere in our birth chart.

Anyway, here's what's in store for the air sign family:

Gemini: A Tug Of War Between Your Personal And Public Life

You're not the emotional kind, but we all have our moments, Gemini. The full moon in Virgo will illuminate your domestic fourth house of home, family, and emotional foundation, and you'll definitely be in a mood, so tell your loved ones not to take it personally. Some of you might also be feeling restless and overwhelmed, but not to worry, you could always blame the moon for your RBF. In the meantime, ask yourself the following: What’s changed in regard to your sense of security, family dynamic, and living situation since September?

Libra: A Time For Spiritual Closure And Surrender

If there's anyone who loathes drama, it's you, Libra darling. The truth is, there's only so much we can try to cover up and repress until it all comes back to the surface, so do yourself a favor and let the universe take control of the outcome. The full moon will light up your secretive twelfth house of endings, beginnings, and spiritual closure, and while the top of letting go seems liberating, this could also spark anxiety and restlessness. On another note, reflect on the following: what's changed in regards to your sense of spirituality and inner world in the past six months? Let go and let god, Libra.

Aquarius: You're Coming Face To Face With Your Vulnerabilities

Change can be painful, but it's also inevitable, as we are spiritual beings living a human experience. Yes, we are always evolving. Speaking of, the full moon will illuminate your eighth house of sex, shared resources and personal transformation. Those of you in committed relationships might make a decision, in regards to your relationship, or perhaps shared finances. Meanwhile, the rest of you have no choice but to come face-to-face with repressed fears, and what makes you feel most vulnerable. (It sounds worse than what it is, I promise.) Lastly, reflect on the following: What parts of you have evolved since September of last year?