These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best New Year's Eve & They're Leading The Countdown

by Valerie Mesa

New Year's Eve celebration, anyone? This is probably one of the most glamorous parties of the year, as it should be, considering it's the last night of the year, obvi. Also, these three zodiac signs will have the best New Year's Eve 2019, and knowing them, they're probably prepping their glam as we speak: Taurus, Cancer, and Pisces. BTW, if your zodiac sign was not mentioned, this doesn't mean you're going to have a terrible evening. Remember, astrology is a tool, and this is simply a general overview. Besides, there's a lot to consider when reading these, like your ascendant and moon sign, for instance.

Anyway, back to the New Year's plans. Before we continue, we have to discuss the astro weather. So on that note, I have good news, and I have whatever news. OK, let's get the mediocre news out of the way: the moon will be in Scorpio on New Year's Eve, so the "mood" might not be as festive as we would like it to be. However, Mars will enter its home sign Aries around 9 p.m. ET that night, so we will definitely feel an unexpected surge of energy. Imagine, Mars is hot-headed and impulsive, but its currently swimming through the depths of whimsical Pisces. Meaning, if you're feeling totally unsure about everything, you're not alone.

TBH, I'm a natal Mars in Pisces, and I still don't how how I live like this. This is not a sob story, but I have so much water in my chart, it's totally unnecessary. Thanks, universe! No, but really, I legit blame my Mars in Pisces for my chronic indecisiveness. Although, there are some things I like it about it, too. Anyway, I digress. The general astro weather is interesting, but let's not focus on that too much. Instead, let's think about 2019, and how you're about to make it your best year yet. Shall we? Alright, Taurus, Cancer, and Pisces. Here's another reason to celebrate:

Taurus: You're Extra Charming And Dazzling Your Peers

Slay, Taurus babe. Not only will you be feeling extra social and amicable, you'll also have so much self-confidence during this time, that it's literally going to be pouring out of you. For starters, the sun will be energizing your ninth house of expansion, opportunity, and personal philosophy, so we already know January will be lit. Plus, the moon will be in sexy Scorpio and your seventh house of partnerships, so there will definitely be some interesting one-on-one interactions to keep you entertained.

Cancer: You're Working The Room And Feeling Sultry

Aside from the fact that you're totally ready to ring in the new year, you're also on a whole new level, in regards to your self confidence. You know who you are, and you're ready for your big debut, Cancer. The sun is energizing your partnership zone, and the moon is lighting up your expressive fifth house of romance, creativity, and individual light. Hello, powerhouse Cancer. Is that you? Oh, yes, and just wait 'til the clock strikes midnight.

Pisces: You're Feeling Confident And Adventurous

The water signs are coming out to play, huh? Here's the deal, Pisces: you're laughing, mingling, flirting, and in the mood to do something you've never done before, but hang on, it's New Year's Eve, so don't get too wild. The moon is illuminating your expansive ninth house of travel, opportunity, and adventure, so rest assured, you will be in the mood to seize the day. Plus, with the sun energizing your 11th house of groups, friendships, and extended network, you're busy making new friends, and schmoozing your little heart out.