These 3 Zodiac Signs May Not Have A Great Valentine’s Day, But Don't Panic

by Cosmo Luce

Dear single friends, don't fret. You are never truly alone, whether it's Feb. 14 or any other day of the year, because you are with yourself. Being on your own is simply an opportunity to fall in love with your own solitude, and learn how to adore the parts of yourself that you have previously been passing over. For the zodiac signs that won't have a great Valentine's Day, these lessons in self-love might feel like they are being delivered a bit more harshly than is necessary, but the universe doesn't exist to keep us comfortable.

There's a time for being coddled and swaddled with rose petals and kisses, and a time when truth slices you like a sword laying you bare by cutting you out of an ill-suited skin. For Leo, Scorpio, and Sagittarius, Valentine's Day will feel mostly like the latter. Try not to take it too personally.

Instead of viewing these lessons as an affront to your ego, consider what baggage they are helping you drop. Sometimes, aspects of ourselves need to be cut away before love has room to take root. You are simply in the process of growing into yourself. Just because Cupid missed his shot this year doesn't mean he's never coming back.

Leo (July 23 To August 22)

No one else is going to do it for you, Leo. Whatever you are seeking from your romantic relationships right now is something that you are unable to give to yourself. These elusive qualities can look like any number of things: stability, security, comfort, undying affection. All of these attributes are gifts that you can find within yourself. Do you know how to recognize them? Or have you let your relationship make you blind to the truth?

Seeking what you cannot give yourself in the other is a recipe for codependency and insecurity. As the sign of unconditional loyalty, you are particularly at risk for entering scenarios that drain your fire instead of stoking your flames. This Valentine's Day is a time to get in better touch with the gifts you have to give yourself. If you need to kill something off in order to make that happen, so be it. Lions can't be tamed, and you need to protect your own heart. Deliver the fatal bite and don't worry about whether it might hurt the other person. Everybody hurts sometimes.

Scorpio (October 23 To November 21)

As you get more and more in touch with your shadow, Scorpio, you're seeing more and more of your fears rise up to the surface of your exoskeleton. This process is a painful shedding. Although you have lived and died many times and although you know that death is simply a change through which we can be reborn, this knowledge doesn't make the process any more comfortable.

If you are feeling particularly paranoid or fearful this Valentine's Day, rest assured that this is simply because big changes are taking place within you, even if they're happening far beyond what you can see. It's frightening to be cast out of the structures that we become accustomed to being enclosed in. But on the other side of this dark labyrinth you're crossing, a heavenly garden is awaiting where you'll be able to warm your skin again.

Sagittarius (November 22 To December 21)

Your wandering spirit means that you can take in too many stimuli at once, Sagittarius. Your lust and appetite for adventure might draw a lot of lovers to you, but the more you go looking for that intangible quality you're searching for, the more you'll feel like your quest was doomed from the start.

Take more pleasure in your search, and delight in the surprises that come up along the way. You don't need to guzzle down the whole chocolate box all at once. Chew each piece slowly, savoring the combination of flavors, and naming what you taste as you work your way through.

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