These 3 Signs Will Have A Weird Night During The Lunar Eclipse

With January beginning with a bang of a full moon in Cancer and ending with a ridiculously rare bluish and bloody super moon, it’s obvious that 2018 is not screwing around. All this electrifying cosmic activity has our hairs standing on end as we wonder, anxiously, what this year has in store for us. The stars aren’t vague in their message: This year will be one we won’t forget. But these three zodiac signs will have a weird night on the lunar eclipse. Not only will Jan. 31 be a blue moon (when a second full moon occurs in the same month), it’ll also be a total lunar eclipse in Leo. This will set our egos on fire, which can either catapult us into success or leave us burned. The rest is up to us. This eclipse is the climactic result of the August 21, 2017, total solar eclipse in Leo, which began coaxing our egos to the forefront.

Now, we’re ready for a conclusive showdown. Laying our deepest and most extreme tendencies bare, eclipses are a call to arms, asking us to trust our intuitions and make a big decision—one that will change the course of the world. So choose wisely. Although this eclipse will have a powerful impact on every zodiac sign, here are the three who will feel its magic most strongly:

Taurus - Face The Skeletons in Your Closet

On January 31, the eclipse will tap into your most sensitive memories, the ones that you cherish and also, the ones wish you could forget. It will wrench open the closet you’ve nailed shut, shake the dust from your skeletons, and make you face your most delicate feelings. This will be painful, Taurus, but like ripping a bandaid from your skin, it is necessary in order for you to grow stronger.

Bulldozing its way through your fourth house of home and family, this Leo eclipse will shine alight on very personal issues that you might be ashamed of. You’ve been avoiding it for so long, Taurus, but trust in the stars. All this baggage is weighing you down and you need to be set free.

Leo - Unleash Your Hidden Powers

Leo, tonight is your night. This total lunar eclipse bears its message in your name, and you’ll feel the blood coursing through your veins, your heart pounding with excitement. It will help you understand what it is you’ve been needing and exactly how you should go about getting it.

Earlier this month, the Sun in Capricorn was alighting your sixth house of health and nutrition,strengthening and healing you so that you’re well-prepared for this moment of truth. The stars have readied you for battle! Now is the time to fight for what you believe in.

Your actions will have significant importance for the whole world. What actions will you take? Don’t think too hard about it! Just trust your gut, Leo.

Scorpio - Flashing Lights, Baby

This blue blood lunar eclipse in Leo exposes itself in your 10th house of public image and career, making it totally viable to crown yourself queen. All that hard work, patience, and study is paying off and tonight, you will be rewarded.

However, with greater recognition for your work comes greater responsibility, so now is not the time to be lazy. Now more than ever will you need to go the extra mile to achieve your goals. This might feel terrifying, Scorpio, but remember that nothing worthwhile ever happens inside our comfort zones. Swallow your fear, do what has to be done, and trust that all your dreams will come true.

Something life-changing will happen and it’ll be a huge surprise. You might just find yourself with a job offer you can’t resist, a client that involves serious gains, or a spotlight shining a light so bright on you, it’ll feel like the whole world knows your name.