There's 3 New Snickers Bars On The Way & You're Going To Want Them All

by Collette Reitz

It seems like ever since I outgrew trick-or-treating, the instances in which I find myself enjoying a delicious candy bar are few and far between. Thankfully, one of your childhood favorite candy bar brands has introduced some new flavors that will have you running for the candy aisle ASAP. These three new SNICKERS' bar flavors are only available for a limited time, so you'll want to try them all right away.

In a press release from its parent company Mars, Inc., SNICKERS announced the arrival of its three new flavors on Monday, June 4, and the really good news is that the limited-edition Intense Flavors are available nationwide as of Monday. Now, you're probably wondering what kind of flavor twists you can expect in these new candy bars. Well, the three new Intense Flavors SNICKERS bars are Espresso, Fiery, and Salty & Sweet. A coffee-flavored SNICKERS bar? Yes, please!

The candy brand came up with these new flavors by creating each of them to correspond with a "hunger symptom," because, as SNICKERS says, "You're Not You When You're Hungry." So, if you're "Irritable," grab an Espresso SNICKERS bar, or if you're feeling "Indecisive," you can go for the Sweet & Salty flavor. When that "Wimpy" feeling sets in, you can make it right with the Fiery SNICKERS bar.


Each of these three new limited-edition flavors starts out with the same ingredients: peanuts, caramel, and milk chocolate. You'll understand what SNICKERS means when it says Intense Flavors after you experience the added espresso, chili pepper, or salt-infused flavors of the Espresso, Fiery, or Sweet & Salty SNICKERS, respectively.

It seems as though SNICKERS fans are to thank for these inventive flavors. Michael Italia, senior brand manager of SNICKERS Brand, explained in the release how customers' "adventurous tastes" shaped these flavors. Italia said,

Our fans have adventurous tastes and are craving new flavors, and experiences, from SNICKERS. The new SNICKERS Intense Flavors are designed to solve everyone's Irritable, Wimpy and Indecisive hunger symptoms with correlating flavors: Espresso, Fiery and Salty & Sweet.

SNICKERS fans in New York City this month can take the new SNICKERS Intense Flavors experience one step further at the brand's "intense" new pop-up. The SNICKERS Intense Flavors Hunger Bunker arrives in New York City for one day only on Tuesday, June 19. Per the release, there are escape room-style challenges you have to complete in order to solve the ultimate SNICKERS question: "Which intense flavor will you need to survive intense hunger?"

To help keep your "intense hunger" at bay, you'll receive a "Flavor Diagnosis" once you complete each challenge, and then you'll know whether you need an Espresso, Fiery, or Salty & Sweet SNICKERS bar to finish the job of satisfying your chocolate craving. If you'll be in New York on June 19, you can reserve a chance for you and up to 10 of your chocolate-craving besties to complete the Hunger Bunker challenges.


You might recall that these three limited-edition flavors were all announced way back in October 2017, but all you had back then was the promise of their delicious arrival. The Espresso and Salty & Sweet flavors sound like they'll easily be delicious new additions to the SNICKERS line-up (for a limited a time). The only wild card for me is the Fiery SNICKERS bar, but hey, maybe it will be exactly what I need once I start feeling "Wimpy" this summer.

Well, the time is finally here to find out what a chili pepper-infused SNICKERS bar tastes like, so you better get to the store to see what all three new limited-time Intense Flavor SNICKERS bars taste like before they're gone.