Snickers Announced 3 New Flavors Just In Time For Halloween & They All Sound Delicious


Hungry? SNICKERS is releasing a set of limited edition "Hunger Bars" that satisfy three relatable feelings associated with hunger pangs: irritable, wimpy, and indecisive. What are "Hunger Bars", you ask? Made with your standard chocolate, peanut, and caramel SNICKERS base, each of the new releases will feature a flavor-infused nougat to combat the bolded "symptom" listed on the package in question form. For example, "Irritable?" pairs with an "Espresso" flavor, while "Wimpy?" goes with a "Fiery" hot pepper flavor, and "Indecisive?" tethers the "Salty & Sweet" line with a salted caramel flavor.

The unique creations are new additions to the candy brand's popular "Hunger Bar" campaign, which as of this summer, already had 29 "symptoms." Per a June 2017 press release from SNICKERS' parent company, Mars Chocolate, fans of the chocolate-covered treat can already purchase a bar to satisfy the following: Befuddled, Bored, Comical, Confused, Crabby, Cranky, Cray Cray, Edgy, Ferocious, Hangry, Hot Mess, Klutz, Know-It-All, Knucklehead, Mischievous, Naughty, Oddball, Pouty, Princess, Rowdy, Sawft, Sarcastic, Scatterbrain, Sleepy, Snarky, Space Cadet, Spunky, Stubborn, and Troublemaker.

They're available in all sizes including singles, share size, and FUN SIZE, Mars Chocolate thoughtfully noted in their release.

Though the previous 29 "symptoms" are only available in Original, Almond, Peanut Butter Squared, and Crisper varieties, SNICKERS' three newest "symptoms" — Irritable, Wimpy, and Indecisive — taste like nothing you've ever tried from the brand before.


So, when can you taste them?

Unfortunately, SNICKERS' Espresso, Fiery, and Salty & Sweet flavors won't hit shelves until June 2018. Yes, as in NEXT YEAR. At least we have this tidbit of good news: When they do eventually enter our lives, they will be available nationwide.

In an Oct. 17 press release, SNICKERS' senior brand manager, Michael Italia, spoke to the brand's hunger-themed advertising strategy. He said in a statement,

SNICKERS knows that when you're hungry, you lose your flavor and turn into your less desirable self. Our new flavors paired with hunger symptoms provide an extended dimension to show how SNICKERS ultimately satisfies when hunger strikes.

They really do understand their consumers, huh?


The "Hunger Bars" campaign isn't SNICKERS' first to ask a hungry question. You may remember their "You're Not You When You're Hungry" campaign, which showed hungry people as cranky celebrities... until they ate a snickers. Get it? You're not you when you're hungry.

I particularly love the one where Aretha Franklin (aka a dude named Jeff when he's hungry and grumpy) is on a road trip with a bunch of friends complaining about the AC. Finally, one of the friends says, "Every time you get hungry, you turn into a diva. Just eat it so we can all coexist in here." As soon as Aretha takes a bite, she turns back into Jeff. The kicker, however, is that now Jeff's friend in the front seat is hungry, too. "Will you get your knees out of the back of my seat?" his alter ego, Liza Minnelli, hastily asks before the commercial's end. So good.

If you're thinking, "Wait, it seems like these to campaigns are connected," you're thinking correctly. In their June 2017 "Hunger Bars" announcement, Mars explained that "Hunger Bars" is an extension of "You're Not You When You're Hungry." The company wrote in the release,

This promotion builds on the iconic “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign by asking consumers “Who Are You When You’re Hungry?” Consumers are encouraged to call out their friends for who they become when they’re hungry with the hashtag #EATASNICKERS.

It makes perfect sense now. All I'm left wondering is, "Is it June 2018 yet?" My inner coffee obsessive is drooling over the espresso flavor, TBH.