These 26 Books & Tools Have Gone Viral With Millennials Trying To Lead More Soulful Lives

I have two full shelves of books on my bookcase. The top one is comprised of novels, memoirs, college textbooks, autobiographies, and everything ever written by Tolkien. The bottom shelf (which is just as big) is entirely filled with self-help books that have changed my life. Even though I absolutely love literature, I found out a long time ago that a good novel will keep me happy for the current moment, but the best self-improvement books and tools will teach me how to stay that way no matter what I'm doing. Yes, even while washing dishes or getting cut off in traffic.

Whether it's an integrated part of a company's strategy or something that young people strive for on their own, mindfulness, meditation, and spirituality are very hot topics among millennials right now. That's because, according to a study done by the American Psychological Association, millennials are the most stressed-out generation. In a world seemingly defined by student loans, constant friction on social media, and upsetting news stories, it's no wonder that we're looking to lead more soulful lives.

If you're in need of a little positive introspection, these surprisingly genius tools promote mindfulness as well as gratitude, compassion, connectedness, and a stronger sense of spirituality. Not only do reviewers swear by them, but the vast majority of them are my own personal go-tos when it comes to self-care, happiness, and life-changing realizations.

Lifestyle — These 26 Books & Tools Have Gone Viral With Millennials Trying To Lead More Soulful Lives

1. This Incredible Book That Just Might Change Your Outlook On Your Own Mind And The World Around You

A New Earth, $13, Amazon

Eckhart Tolle has been called "a modern-day prophet" by reviewers, and his book A New Earth has been called "A wake-up call for the entire planet" by Oprah. My opinion? He's the most influential author I've ever read. After a severe mental breakdown of sorts, Tolle realized that we are not our thoughts, our judgments, or our emotions — we are the consciousness that observes all these things. In this book, he expands on this to show how an ego-based consciousness isn't just detrimental to our own happiness, but to the entire state of the planet.


2. This Gratitude Journal That Takes Literally 5 Minutes Daily To Complete

The Five Minute Journal, $23, Amazon

Cultivate gratitude despite your busy schedule with The Five Minute Journal. With a simple structured format that takes just minutes, this journal utilizes the science of positive psychology to improve happiness and mental well-being. Reviewers call it "elegant and simple" and say that if you have trouble sticking to most journals or planners, this one will change that.


3. There's More Than One Way To Show Your Love, And Gary Chapman Outlines Them All

The 5 Love Languages, $10, Amazon

If you're unhappy in your relationship, reviewers say this book is a game-changer. Gary Chapman's The 5 Love Languages has sold over 11 million copies and was a New York Times Bestseller for eight consecutive years. In a thoughtful and timeless voice, Chapman explains that everyone has a different "love language" — a way of showcasing their adoration and appreciation — and in recognizing yours and your partners', you can vastly improve the way you connect.


4. This Yoga Practice Guide In The Shape Of A Fan

Yoga Fan, $13, Amazon

For those looking to add a little diversity to their yoga practice, there's the Yoga Fan. It's a practice guide with dozens of different poses, all described in depth with everything from tips to modifications. Best of all, unlike a deck, these individual cards are all attached, so you never have to worry about losing one. Both beginners and instructors alike can't stop raving about it: "I feel like my Yoga prayers have been answered!" says one, while another raves, "Not only is a great resource when planning a class, but it is also a good reference guide when showing a new pose to students."


5. This 8-Week Plan To Master Mindfulness In Just A Few Minutes A Day

Mindfulness: An Eight-Week Plan for Finding Peace in a Frantic World, $11, Amazon

This life-changing international bestseller is based on the study of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, a straightforward form of mindfulness meditation which takes just a few minutes a day. Mindfulness is a must-read eight-week plan for busy people who want to master meditation. It even includes links to audio meditations to help guide you through the process, and one reviewer recommended, "If you are stressed (and who isn't nowadays), you need to read this book!"


6. This Book On Meditation That Reviewers Call "Life-Changing And Remarkably Freeing"

The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself, $14, Amazon

Both a New York Times Bestseller and a number one seller in Amazon's cognitive psychology category, The Untethered Soul helps you put an end to the habitual thoughts and emotions that limit your consciousness. It taps into mindfulness and meditation traditions, as well as walks you through your own relationship with your mind, and according to reviewers, the result is "life-changing and remarkably freeing! Total game-changer!"


7. This Brilliant Planner For Organization, Gratitude, Goal-Setting, And Manifesting

Freedom Planner Pro, $33, Amazon

While most planners just focus on meetings and to-do lists, the Freedom Planner Pro helps you master time management, goal setting, and the law of attraction in one organized layout. It utilizes prompts, exercises, journaling, and daily, weekly, and monthly calendars to organize every area of your life while simultaneously achieving your dreams. Most importantly, reviewers "don't feel overwhelmed" and "love all the thought put into this journal."


8. These Nine DIY Experiments That Aim To Prove The Law Of Attraction Is Real

E-Squared, $11, Amazon

Hands down one of the most inspiring books I've read this year, E-Squared is a must for those who believe in the law of attraction but haven't quite mastered it yet. It contains nine easy-to-perform experiments that aim to prove to you once and for all your thoughts create your reality. Not only is Pam Grout's voice refreshing and humorously honest, but the lessons and write-up pages help you to finally squash those doubts about your own abilities.


9. This Heart-Opening Collection Of Poetry And Prose

Milk and Honey, $9, Amazon

"Rupi's words give one strength to move forward in love and life," says one reviewer about Milk and Honey, a bestselling collection of poetry and prose about survival. "The layout of each chapter takes you on an incredible journey of pain and suffering to healing and love of self." It has over 4,000 reviews and is a must-read for those looking for connection and heart-opening truths.


10. These Essential Oil Inhalers For Mess-Free Travel And Easy Use Anywhere

Sage Hill Essential Oil Inhalers, $17 (Set of 5), Amazon

These Sage Hill inhalers are an awesome way to take your mood-altering essential oils with you on the go. Each inhaler has an aluminum outer shell and a removable glass container that holds the wick, making it easy travel without leaks and inhale your favorite relaxing scents anywhere. They're color-coded to differentiate between blends, and they're washable, so you can reuse them over and over again.


11. This Spikey Mat That Helps You Reach A State Of Mindfulness And Peace

ProSource Acupressure Mat, $20, Amazon

"I'm calling it my meditation mat," says one reviewer about the ProSource Acupressure Mat. "[It] seems to knock me out in five minutes and put me right into dream state." Using thousands of tiny spikes, this mat and neck roll set stimulate pressure points on your body (not unlike acupuncture) to help release pain and promote relaxation. It also aims to improve circulation and cause the release of endorphins in the brain, which can serve as a surprisingly helpful mindfulness tool.


12. If You Need Some Guidance From The Universe, There's These Gorgeous Oracle Cards

Energy Oracle Cards, $17, Amazon

If you appreciate a little daily direction from the universe, you'll love these Energy Oracle cards. With gorgeous illustrations and a detailed description book, these cards are designed to reveal your present energy so you can understand what your consciousness is currently creating. "I have collected dedicated oracle cards for many years and this is without a doubt the most beautiful, most uplifting, most enlightening deck I have ever used," raves one reviewer.


13. This Meditation Music That Supposedly Puts Your Brain Into A Theta State

Deep Theta 2.0: Meditation Music, $9-$12, Amazon

According to a 2015 study, auditory beat stimulation could be a "promising new tool for the manipulation of cognitive processes." In other words, specific sounds and sound patterns may have the ability to change the wavelengths emitted by our brains, putting us into a more relaxed state much more easily. This CD of meditation music features deep theta wavelengths among relaxing flute and keyboard sounds. It features 13 different tracks that reviewers call "awesome for deep meditation practices" and "superlative for calming, for sleep, stress reduction, or for healing work." You can buy the physical CD or the MP3s.


14. If You're Looking To Do Some Powerful Healing Work

You Can Heal Your Life, $9, Amazon

Written by Louise L Hay (one of the international leaders in the self-help community), You Can Heal Your Life has thousands of reviews and countless glowing recommendations. It's based on the belief that we are what we think about, and through that lens, Hay lays the groundwork for powerful physical and mental healing in your own body. "Worth reading a hundred times!" says one reviewer.


15. This Collection Of Life-Changing Lessons From Oprah's Super Soul Sundays

The Wisdom of Sundays: Life-Changing Insights from Super Soul Conversations, $17, Amazon

Oprah calls Super Soul Sunday the television show she was "born to do," and in doing just that, she's brought some of the most renowned authors and teachers into the mainstream. The Wisdom of Sundays is a collection of the most important lessons and awakenings in Oprah's own spiritual journey. Organized into 10 chapters, it outlines some of the most life-changing realizations from this century's visionaries, and reviewers say, "I value this wisdom gathered in one place for a quick dose when needed."


16. This 'New York Times' Bestseller About Quieting The Voice In Your Head

10% Happier, $10, Amazon

This New York Times bestseller is called 10% Happier, and it was the winner of the Living Now Book Award for Inspirational Memoir in 2014. It's written by Dan Harris, a Nightline anchor who (due to that incessant voice in his head that we all have) had a nationally televised panic attack and decided to make some changes. This book is about quieting the voice, finding your inner calm, and becoming 10 percent happier in the process. "Superior, potentially life changing book," says one reviewer.


17. A Soothing Spray To Help You Destress

Premium Aromatherapy Mist, $15, Amazon

This premium aromatherapy mist is filled with calming essential oils for the mind and body. It includes lavender essential oil which is known for its balancing, calming effect on the mind and even on the skin. Lavender is a truly synergetic essential oil as the aroma can be used to treat muscle pain and stiffness, migraines and headaches, as well as insomnia, anxiety, and mood swings. Combining it with chamomile gives this mist additional soothing effects; chamomile essential oil calms overactive minds, soothes tummy aches, and headaches as well. This mist is made with jojoba oil, witch hazel, and aloe vera to help the oils deliver a fine, potent mist that will lift your spirits and ground your mind.


18. This Amazing Documentary From Someone Who Seemingly Had It All In Life

I Am, $5, Amazon

Despite his wealth and success, director Tom Shadyac (known for films like Ace Ventura and The Nutty Professor) found himself in a deep depression after a near-death experience. He then decided to ask some serious questions about spirituality, our world, and our place in it. The result is I Am — a documentary that received a 20-minute standing ovation at its premiere screening.


19. This Creative Way To Learn To Let Go

Zen Artist Board, $15, Amazon

Take advantage of art therapy with this mess-free Zen Artist Board. An eco-friendly approach to the soothing benefits of painting and the peaceful teachings of Buddha, this mini board allows you to paint with water and watch the image disappear. It’s a great way to calm busy minds and a great tool for anyone with a packed schedule to indulge in self-care. The compact board comes with a travel size case, reusable brush and storage box, so it can accompany you on your morning subway commute, travels, or keep it at work when you really need a moment to clear your head.


20. This Book For People Who Struggle With Codependency

The Language of Letting Go, $11, Amazon

I'm of the belief that the best thing you can do for yourself is to take responsibility for your own life and your own happiness — that way, the ball is always in your court. The Language of Letting Go is a collection of daily meditations and life experiences written for those who struggle with codependency. With a new thought every day, Melody Beattie reminds us that "each day is an opportunity for growth and renewal," and with a 4.8-star rating comprised of thousands of reviews, the result has been life-changing for so many readers.


21. These Affirmation Cards With A Visualization On The Other Side

Power Thought Cards, $12, Amazon

Created by bestselling author and teacher Louise Hay, these Power Thought cards have an inspiring affirmation on one side and a visualization on the other to help you find your inner strength. They're "sturdy and shiny" and come in a beautiful and protective hinged box. Reviewers say they make a lovely gift, or are a great way to start your day if you place them on your own desk or bedside table.


22. This Coloring Book That's Not For Kids

Creative Coloring Inspirations, $8, Amazon

If you think coloring books are for kids, think again: this coloring book has thirty designs to stimulate the mind and spirit. The high-quality pages are thick enough so your colors won’t bleed through and the pages are pre-perforated for you to easily remove your creation and put your skills on display. This coloring book is an amazing alternative to falling asleep with the television on or skimming your social media feeds; it’s a great way to calm down the mind and bring focus into your daily life.


23. This Mindfulness Book That Is Great For Beginners

The Little Book Of Mindfulness, $7, Amazon

We could all stand to benefit from living in the moment, allowing ourselves to be present and receive the opportunities in front of us. With this Little Book of Mindfulness, you can receive a daily dose of freedom with short practices built to remove the want, the need, and stress of daily life. Written by a psychotherapist specializing in stress management and mindfulness, this book helps you to make room for the things that matter and manage the challenges of the modern world. Though mindfulness typically takes years of practice to master, this book is a great beginners guide to take get started.


24. This Book To Helps To Nurture Long-term Happiness

Zen and the Art of Happiness, $8, Amazon

Happiness isn’t just an emotion and it doesn’t have to be fleeting, Zen and the Art of Happiness acknowledges the cutting-edge science of how the way we think influences the way we feel on a cellular level. This book will help you learn to adapt to changes and navigate challenges in your daily life in a way that nurtures long-term happiness. It provides tangible tools that help readers create a permanent healthy outlook. The book teaches readers the importance of building a sturdy foundation that can sustain you through anything, a foundation that’s so strong you can build anything on top of it and maintain happiness in your life.


25. This Bracelet That Helps You Count Your Blessings

Count Me Healthy Gratitude Journal Bracelet, $59, Amazon

This silver-plated bracelet may just look like another piece of jewelry, but it is actually is designed to help you count your blessings throughout the day. The Count Me Healthy bracelet has 10 movable beads that you can slide over with every grateful thought to help you to be more conscious of your thoughts and encouraging you to think positively


26. This One Has Been Called "Rhonda Byrne's Best Book So Far"

The Magic, $10, Amazon

Reviewers are calling The Magic "Rhonda Byrne's best book so far," and given that Byrne is the author of international bestseller The Secret, that's a pretty bold claim. That being said, this one has been on Amazon's Bestsellers and Most Wished For lists for quite a while, and for a good reason: it reveals life-changing knowledge about the power of gratitude that's actually hidden in some of the most well-known sacred texts. Then, in a 28-day journey, Byrne shows you exactly how to apply it to your life.

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