These 26 Books & Tools Have Gone Viral With Millennials Trying To Lead More Soulful Lives

By Maria Cassano
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I have two full shelves of books on my bookcase. The top one is comprised of novels, memoirs, college textbooks, autobiographies, and everything ever written by Tolkien. The bottom shelf (which is just as big) is entirely filled with self-help books that have changed my life. Even though I absolutely love literature, I found out a long time ago that a good novel will keep me happy for the current moment, but the best self-improvement books and tools will teach me how to stay that way no matter what I'm doing. Yes, even while washing dishes or getting cut off in traffic.

Whether it's an integrated part of a company's strategy or something that young people strive for on their own, mindfulness, meditation, and spirituality are very hot topics among millennials right now. That's because, according to a study done by the American Psychological Association, millennials are the most stressed-out generation. In a world seemingly defined by student loans, constant friction on social media, and upsetting news stories, it's no wonder that we're looking to lead more soulful lives.

If you're in need of a little positive introspection, these surprisingly genius tools promote mindfulness as well as gratitude, compassion, connectedness, and a stronger sense of spirituality. Not only do reviewers swear by them, but the vast majority of them are my own personal go-tos when it comes to self-care, happiness, and life-changing realizations.

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