These dog Zoom backgrounds will totally up your video calls.

These 21 Dog Zoom Backgrounds Are Perfect For Some Barking Good Calls


Thanks to Zoom's virtual background feature, you can display your love of man's best friend to anyone in your meeting. Dog-lovers can easily swap out their background IRL for a furry friend. Here are 21 dog Zoom backgrounds you can use on your next remote call for a barking good time.

In celebration of October's National Adopt A Shelter Dog month, you can change out your background for a cute pup. The month commemorates shelter dogs and the positive impact of adoption, sponsored by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). Whether you've already adopted a furry friend, or just want to show your support for shelter dogs (or any dogs!), you can share the love with these barking good backgrounds.

Once you've found one you like, upload your dog background by going to Settings > Virtual Background. Then, select the plus sign (+) to upload your image. Although there are a ton of choices, below are some of the best dog backgrounds to help you share some puppy love.

1. Dog Collage

This dog background for Zoom comes from Pet Paradise, a company that offers boarding services for pets. What's more cheerful than a collage of happy dogs?

Pet Paradise

2. A Room Full of Dog Portraits

Copper's Dream Rescue posted some cute dog Zoom backgrounds on its website, one of which features a white brick wall lined with colorful dog portraits. You can download this dog-themed background and make everyone smile thanks to the cute expressions the pups are making, ranging from confused to playful.

3. French Bulldog with a Party Hat

Whatever you're celebrating, this Zoom background of a French Bulldog wearing a red birthday hat will make everyone smile.

4. A Bored Bulldog

This continental bulldog Zoom background features a sweet pup, resting on a porch, gazing off into the distance looking painfully bored.

5. A Golden Retriever at the Beach

Escape to the shore with this fun dog background for Zoom.

Justin Aikin/Unsplash

6. Dog Chillin' in the Canadian Rockies

This white dog background combines an adorable face with the beauty of the Canadian Rockies and a clear blue lake.

7. Shiba Inus with Party Hats

What's better than one Shiba Inu with a party hat? Two. This virtual background combines a pink backdrop with two cute pups who look like they're smiling and ready to party.

8. Trio of Boxers

These three boxer dogs sitting in a row and glancing up will make you feel like you're right in the room with them with this background from Pexels.

9. A Bunch of Australian Shepherd Puppies


10. Puppy Love

This puppy background features a white, brown, and black pup with a sweet expression as it stares into the camera lens.

11. Chocolate Lab on a Bed

You can make your Zoom chat feel more like home with this virtual backdrop of a Chocolate Lab looking down at you from a bed.

12. Husky Puppy

Bring some cuteness to your call with this background of a Siberian Husky puppy standing underneath a pine tree.

13. Canine Close-up

If you've ever wanted to hop on a Zoom call with literal puppy eyes, this background featuring a dog's best close-up look will make you smile.

14. A Puppy and his Feline Friend

This shot of a fawn puppy laying in the grass is even cuter when you see his orange tabby cat lovingly nuzzling him.

15. Dalmatian at the Beach

Enjoy the beach alongside a Dalmatian friend with this Zoom background underneath blue skies, a sandy shoreline, and some picturesque rocks.

16. Pug on a Pedestal

This pug background shows one good boy sitting on top of a stool, as though he's total royalty.

Jorge Zapata/Pexels

17. Pup Playing in the Leaves

Use this background of an Australian Terrier seated on some grass, looking excited and tuckered out after playing in the leaves.

18. Havanese Mix Helping with Work

Whether you're chatting or working from home, this adorable Havanese mix resting on a laptop will make you laugh.

19. Husky in the Snow

If you're a big fan of Huskies, this background of a Husky in the snow will be your next go-to.

20. Winter Saint Bernard

Get ready for the winter season with this adorable Zoom background of a Saint Bernard covered in snow with some especially sweet puppy eyes.

21. Dogs by the River


These two pups look like BFFs having a fun hike near the river. You can download this background from Chewy on Unsplash here.

There are so many adorable choices to upgrade your Zoom calls with man's best friend, so odds are you won't be able to download just one.