The Biggest Lipstick Trends For 2020 Will Inspire You To Be Creative

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New year or not, it is almost always a good time for a little makeup reboot. Whether the seasonal blues and short days have got you down and tired, or the new year has you thinking about small life changes, the easiest way to feel fresh-faced and bright is to try something new makeup-wise. Get ready to hold your head high and proud with these 2020 lipstick color trends. Judging from the spring 2020 runways and the many celebrity red carpet beats so far this year, it's time to get a little creative with dressing up lips.

Sometimes, a new lipstick is all you need to feel like a new person, and luckily, this year has plenty of options to change up your lip game. Delicate is a big trend for the coming season — but so is color, so don't worry, Euphoria stans. Glam, minimalist, or maximalist, it is going to be a year of options — but expect gloss, hydration, and... more gloss. Whether you like to go for a more natural, barely-there look or a full-face, glam like you're Ziggy Stardust, 2020's lip trends see you. Check out all the lipstick trends having a major moment below.

Flushed Lips

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For those who like a barely-there look, a "flushed" lip is just your lips, but better. Somewhere between the look of a tinted lip balm and a nude lip, the flushed lip trend is all about being light, a little glossy, and just slightly more colorful than your natural lips. It is basically the solution for having just-bitten lips without having to keep biting them.

Ulta's Sheer Lipstick is a hydrating pick with a balmy consistency. It moisturizes while providing a hint of color and a satin finish, and it's the perfect grab-and-go option for everyday wear.

Glossier Than A Krispy Kreme Donut

The gloss craze continues to grow. Imagine lips glossier than Lil Mama's in the "Lip Gloss" music video. Is it even possible? A simple gloss over the lips works with every look, from classy to party to casual. So I have to recommend that you make your life easier with one perfect gloss for the days when you don't want to think and the days you want to look like a freshly-waxed car.

Glossier's Lip Gloss promises a glassy finish with long-wear and zero stickiness. And thank God, because the amount of pulling hair from gloss that filled my middle school experience was... unpleasant.

Vinyl Lips

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If you love gloss but want something more dramatic, say no more. Vinyl lips are going to be big this year. A dramatic addition to any look, vinyl lips in any color pack a powerful punch.

NYX's Strictly Vinyl Lip Gloss is available in eight color-packed shades. For such a pigmented lip gloss, it still sits lightly on the lips. Add it to any outfit to feel hardcore, and be kind enough to let your friends check out their reflections in it.

Glitter Lip Gloss

I promise, for all those afraid of sticky lips, this will be the last lip gloss I'll recommend — but how could anyone pass up glitter lips? For those who don't find lip gloss exciting enough, glitter is the solution. Highlighter has long brought sparkle to noses, cheeks, and collar bones, so it's time to bring some sparkle to lips.

Maybelline's Lip Studio Glitter Fix is attention-grabbing, glides on easily, and creates a blinding shimmer effect. Made for those days when you want just a little something more to make you feel like a disco ball, this gloss will complete you.

Blurred Lip

Blurred lips (i.e. the look you accidentally create by drinking water without a straw) can easily be recreated with a dreamy, intentional lip stain. It can be just as bold and colorful as any matte lipstick; all you have to do is place the lipstick on the center of your lips and fade the color outward by blotting your lips together.

NYX's Dazed & Diffused Blurring Lipstick is dual-ended and provides a crayon for filling in your lips with velvety color, as well as a lip brush for blurring, creating an ombre effect, or crafting a soft-around-the-edges lip. This lipstick will help you achieve any soft, hazy look you can think of.

Pop Of Color

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Color is, yet again, going to be an important part of our year. Pink, orange, and coral lips have made waves before, but this is going to be the year of blue, green, and purple lips. No amount of colors can be too many this year, so don't let your lips miss out on the fun.

True to color, Rihanna's Fenty Beauty lipsticks are a perfect way to pack color onto your lips. The brand's Poutsicle Juicy Satin Lipstick goes on bold and stays for hours. Its creamy consistency makes lips look as soft as satin, and the hydrating formula keeps them that way.

The Classic Red

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There is one lip trend we will likely never escape and probably shouldn't: red lipstick. Always a runway, award show, and red carpet staple, red lipstick is a necessity for all makeup wearers. I have spent years trying to find the perfect red lipstick that balances vibrancy, poutiness, and just the right amount of depth. Red lipstick is more than just lipstick; it has an iconic history of powerful, defiant people who looked wildly cool in red lipstick. I'd be remiss if I did not include it.

Maybelline's Color Sensational Lipstick is available in a selection of deep reds for those who prefer more orange-y reds, as well as those going for more purple-y cherry shades. Regardless, every shade of this lipstick boasts a crisp, vibrant color, and its honey and nectar formula keeps lips feeling hydrated.

Gloss or no gloss, color or no color, there is a lipstick trend for every look you need.