These Question Ideas For Instagram's Quiz Sticker Will Keep Your Friends Guessing

Courtesy Of Lizzy Rosenberg

If you happen to be an avid Instagram user like myself, you've probably noticed your friends and family posting the app's new quiz sticker to their Stories in the last few weeks. The special sticker basically polls your followers, allowing you to ask a question, and give them three options for them to choose from. It is a super simple and fun way to see how well your followers know you, and how well you know them. So, if you haven't already tried it out for yourself, try testing out these 20 question ideas for Instagram's quiz sticker.

If you aren't familiar with the new quiz sticker, you can find it in you sticker tray in Stories. The new feature that lets you ask followers multiple-choice questions was released on April 23, and if you haven't started playing around with it yet, you might be looking for some question ideas. Maybe you simply cannot decide what you want to eat today, or perhaps you want to see what emoji your followers think best represents your personality. There are really so many interesting questions you can ask, and the possibilities are almost endless.

And thankfully, popping a question into the quiz sticker is so easy.

If you're really stuck on what to ask, here are some questions you can craft to see how well your friends know your faves. Ranging from basic questions about yourself and your personality to fun and silly ones, these should be able to get your creative juices flowing.

  1. What is my favorite type of plant?
  2. What tattoo should I get?
  3. How many dogs have I pet today?
  4. Which type of Trader Joe's cookie is my favorite?
  5. What is my favorite breakfast cereal?
  6. What am I going to have for dinner?
  7. Where will I travel next?
  8. What color is my bicycle?
  9. What is my middle name?
  10. How many denim jackets do I own?

Of course, the possible answers can be whatever you want them to be, but just make sure you've got the right answer in there so your followers have a shot at acing your quiz!

Alternatively, you might be in need of advice, or you might simply want to get to know your followers a little better. And if that is — in fact — the case, here are a few questions you can ask your followers, as a little personality quiz for them.

  1. Which type of beer should I order?
  2. Which type of cheese is the best?
  3. Who was the best Coachella performance ever?
  4. What scented candle should I get?
  5. Which type of hot sauce is the tastiest?
  6. Which type of coffee should I buy?
  7. Which female artist should I add to my playlist?
  8. What kind of trip should I take this summer?
  9. What kind of dog should I adopt?
  10. What should I snack on right now?

The possibilities are truly endless, and you can let your pals help you in those indecisive moments.

See? That wasn't too hard. Coming up with quiz questions is super fun, and it lets you connect with your friends and followers on an entirely different level. Whether you want advice, to get to know your followers a little better, or if you want to see how well they know you is totally up to you. However you use the quiz sticker, you're sure to connect with your IG pals in a new way.