These TK "Page 364 Of 365" Tweets

People Are Sharing The Most Relatable Tweets About Finally Closing The Book On 2019

by Daffany Chan
Pras Boonwong / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images

With the new year just around the corner, plenty of people are heading to social media to recount memories from 2019. The internet is flooding with stories about the ups and downs that shaped the year, and they are truly inspiring. These "Page 364 of 365" tweets highlight some personal achievements — and they are the perfect way to close your chapter in 2019.

It's time to ring in the new decade with life lessons from around the world. The "Page 364 of 365" thread on Twitter is all about taking away meaningful lessons from the past year. Twitter users have been chiming in with their reflections on 2019, and the thread is filled with people looking back on the year that was. Struggles and hardships are undoubtedly common themes in many of the posts, including pain from failed relationships, unexpected setbacks, or negative self-talk.

Though the year may have been tough, the stories reveal there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Many share how they have grown from the difficulties and challenges life presented to them in 2019, and how they now see the obstacles as not only learning experiences, but as accomplishments. There were even some users who deemed 2019 the best year of their life, pointing to all the goals they managed to hit this past year. From being satisfied with school grades to conquering personal fears, it looks like there's no shortage of things to be proud of as the decade closes.

On Monday, Dec. 30, Wale Adetona tweeted: "Today is Page 364 of 365." He then asked his followers, "What are you most grateful for?"

Adetona answered for himself, saying he's happy to go into the new year debt-free and healthy.

These "Page 364 of 365" tweets will surely give you the feels and get you ready to turn the page.

Many people are thankful for the lessons they learned along the way.

Even with a lot to be proud of from 2019, many Twitter users are ready to bring on 2020.

The stories pouring in on Twitter shine light on the fact that there's plenty to be grateful for when reflecting on this past year. And with 2019 about to come to a close, the new decade looks like it's brimming with opportunity.